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Saturn in Sagittarius


For Saturn in Sagittarius, the quest to discover the higher meaning is serious business. This leads you into expansive fields of knowledge-seeking, as a philosopher, traveler or artist. Your special Saturnian commitment to your quest makes you an adventurous, dynamic person. You follow the threads of inspiration, even if it becomes hard, because you know it's the path of destiny. In your life, you may go on arduous travel expeditions, or attempt a physical feat. You have the focus and drive to go beyond your own personal limits.

You look for ways to share what you've learned as the wise one who has "been there, done that." You become a master of experiential knowledge, and someone that's a shining example to others. Saturn may curb your enthusiasm at times, but this cautious approach helps you take well-considered risks. It helps you shape what you know into practical, tangible forms. It helps you focus your joyful, searching attitude, and guide the quest toward solid achievement. Saturn shows you how to weave stability into your life, enabling you to keep reaching out toward new horizons.

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