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Saturn in Scorpio


With Saturn in Scorpio, a strong will meets fierce focus. The result is persistence, endurance and sometimes ruthlessness, in the pursuit of goals. You know how to channel your power in ways that draw on an unseen emotional-psychic force. You can be fixed and unyielding, when you want something. Some hard lessons are about loosening the grip of control, and dealing with obsessive behavior.

Here Saturn's raw material is the primal core out of which transformative energy emerges. On the journey, you confront many potential dangers as you learn to manage your own intensity. You learn to tame or channel shadow intensity like manipulation, betrayal, abuse, jealousy, bedevilment and revenge. From learning to endure or deal with the wild, potent forces, you claim your true power. By becoming a master of the dark, you face your fears and learn how to go through the death-rebirth process again and again.

Your journeys into formidable inner territory turns you into a wise guide for others. You are especially committed to being present at the thresh hold moments of life....sex, birth and death. You may become someone others look to, as the end draws near. You know how to take the dis-eased and poisoned parts and transform them. This makes you a soul healer, whether you take on that role officially or not. By taking the hard road that leaves no stone unturned, you are a trusted seer for others. When you face your fears and learn to shape your destiny, you become a profound person to those around you.

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