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Saturn in Libra (10/2009 to 10/2012)

Articles on Saturn in Libra, the transit from 10/2009 to 10/2012.

Saturn in Libra (2009 to 2012)
About Saturn's transit through Libra. Dates are: October 29,2009 to April 4, 2010 and then July 21, 2010 to October 5, 2012.

Jessica Murray on Saturn in Libra
"The Power of Pondering," an article on Saturn's transit through Libra by Jessica Murray.

The Return of Sacred Masculine and Feminine
Robert Phoenix on Saturn in Libra as the restorer of the sacred in male/female relationships.

Lynn Hayes on Re-evaluating our Venus Issues
Beliefnet's Lynn Hayes on Saturn in Libra urging us to re-structure relationships, especially ones built on false premises.

Saturn: Dance of Purpose
Saturn's dance in Libra and back into Virgo (2010).

Cafe Astrology: Saturn in Libra and Relationships
An article on how Saturn in Libra (2009 to 2012) puts the bright spotlight on relationships.

Saturn Libra by Stephanie Gailing
Saturn the "make-it-real" planet is in Libra starting Oct 20th. Here's the take from holistic astrologer Stephanie Gailing,

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