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Eclipses for 2009

Dates and Degrees


Here below are the eclipses for 2009. Eclipses usually come in pairs, and there are up to seven in a year. They occur when there's an alignment to the Moon's nodes at either the New Moon or the Full Moon. Eclipses are heightened lunar-solar events that trigger both inner change and external events. They are major astrological events that bring ground-level life changes and quicken our growth.

You can visit the NASA website for astronomical info on the eclipses.

The dates for the eclipses are GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, and may be one day before or after in your time zone.

Solar Eclipse: 26 Jan 2009 06Aqu29
Lunar Eclipse: 9 Feb 2009 20Leo59

Lunar Eclipse: 7 Jul 2009 15Cap24
Solar Eclipse: 22 Jul 2009 29Can26
Lunar Eclipse: 6 Aug 2009 13Aqu43

Lunar Eclipse: 31 Dec 2009 10Can14

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