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Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, 2013

Emergence Alert


Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, 2013

"Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Scorpio Eclipse Motif Metamorphosis; thawing out and cracking open; not around, but through; the poison is the cure; emotional/psychic sovereignty; sexual healing. Dark Side: conspiracies; desperate acts that go against the conscience; selling your soul to survive; harsh reality; betrayal; corruption; deception; occulted agendas of control; manipulation and binding energies.

First of Three!

We're entering an extended eclipse period. The first is a Scorpio Full Moon with a (partial) lunar eclipse on April 25th (2013) at 3:57 pm EDT. This initiates a release of what's tightly wound up as a seed of potential.

It could be unpack a bundle of something that's perceived as dark or dangerous. Eclipses are known for shocking events, so it could be more like your suitcase bursting open in the airport. What's usually kept under wraps, is made visible -- a truth revealed.

Scorpio's gift is penetrating to what's locked up, denied or in the shadows. There can be a chain reaction of healing or destruction at this eclipse. Keep in mind it's just the kick off eclipse, so it's effects are felt into May and beyond.

Scorpio's themes are compulsive desires, passion (often controlled), secrets, emotional power, and sexuality. Down-to-Earth issues of debt, shared investments, and getting to the roots of disease could also surface. Instead of putting band-aids on pain and managing symptoms, this eclipse inspires looking at soul sickness, toxic people and atmospheres, bondage (sometimes subtle) and control of all kinds.

Taurus-Scorpio at 6 Degrees

You could see stirring or surprises related to Taurus-Scorpio 6 degrees in your chart. Some might confront psychic realities with Saturn so close at hand, and how the inner reality affects the outer reality. An example is being bound up in a soul sucking drama or trauma. Is something leaving you so overwrought that you're not investing in personal creativity or pleasure? A healing catharsis is possible, that frees up more vital energies, for you to flourish.

With the determination of Saturn, this eclipse could be a personal turning point. The changes could be deeply internal and take time to ripple out. See Eclipses in the Houses for what could be up for you.

Cat's Cradle

The Full Moon/Eclipse chart reminds me visually of that game with string -- there are many oppositions on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Sun, Venus and Mars in earthy Taurus are strung opposite to the Moon and Saturn (in Scorpio).

What's the focus of your vital energies -- psychic, sexual and emotional? This eclipse can be revealing, or jar you out of situations that have had you bound. Some suggestions:

  • Avoiding the doom memes and hostile polarization.
  • Developing detachment and moderation with traumatic or fear-inducing information/visuals.
  • Taking your psychic health seriously, gaining tools and mastery for transforming toxic moods and thoughts.
  • Establishing psychic sovereignty, making space for natural rhythms, calm, sanity.
Saturn Sobriety

Saturn is a major player in this eclipse, at 8 Scorpio -- there is direct engagement with the eclipse, and opposition to Venus and Mars. Saturn is the reality planet, so things could look and feel serious. If things look bleak, hang in there! Sometimes Saturn's gift takes awhile to unwrap.

In her book on Eclipses, Celeste Teal writes, "Saturn is slow and deliberate, and its influence is associated with conditions that seem to drag on forever. Efforts appear stalled and frustrating barriers slow progress as Saturn seeks perfection." Teal writes that "if Saturn does come into range of an active eclipse," it's a drawn out process, with much learning and tending to "flaws."

I'd add that with Saturn in the sign of the deep psyche (soul), the healing is profound, thorough and/or extreme. Events could happen that feel like hitting a wall, or pierce the denial of what's already happening. It may be hard to see a way through. But if you follow the instincts of your inner healer, and trust, the healing will eventually come. It may involve making radical changes and coming clean to what you're plugged in to.

Mars the Catalyst

Astrologer Teal says when Saturn and Mars are involved in an eclipse, major events happen. Here we have Mars as an instigator, like Saturn, in close alignment to the eclipse. Be alert to triggering conflicts, especially with people that have kept their feelings bottled up.

My sense is that Saturn is going to test the structure of the psyche (Scorpio). Are you prepared to weather the storm? Are you able to resist hysteria and other destabilizing waves of emotion running through "out there"?

I see Mars Taurus, along with Venus, inviting each of us to fall through any psychic false bottoms to something solid. A sense of (relative) security comes from watching our triggers, and cultivating spiritual self-containment. Mars is motivation and fight! And with Saturn, we find the inner strength to overcome what keeps us from pleasure, contentment, the development of natural gifts.

Taurus Landing

The next lunation is in Taurus, and is a solar eclipse (May 9th). I'm thinking about the Tower card for this Scorpio Full Moon, and how a change in mindset is shattering, but leads to solid footing. Scorpio is magical, and magic has been defined (by Dion Fortune) as the ability to "change consciousness at will." So what's outed at this first eclipse can be purged and integrated. What's in need of an exorcism, expunging, detoxing?

One possibility is dealing with an addiction, or just surviving day to day. What's the path to thriving? At the Taurus New Moon, there can be a reset to invest in what's nourishing, and will grow.

This is a gold-embossed invitation to deeply root out what keeps you plugged in to the trauma-matrix. You might see by now how this matrix is possessing the minds and souls of many -- possession is one of Scorpio's themes.

What's in your control? What kinds of effort and perhaps a daily commitment will it take to make it real? Now is the time to banish the demonic, the energy vampires and controllers. And to get to the essence of what keeps you from fulfilling your desires.

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