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Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes, 2013

Year of the Snake


Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes, 2013

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Editor's Note: The Year of the Snake begins officially on February 10, 2013, and ends on January 30, 2014, aligned with the lunisolar calendar. It's a New Moon in Western Zodiac sign Aquarius.

Here are excerpts from Suzanne White's 2013 Your New Astrology Horoscopes with the subtitle, Chinese And Western Predictions: The Water Snake Year Monthly Forecasts For All 24 Zodiac Signs . See also Suzanne's short take for (Western) Zodiac signs (Aries to Pisces.The paperback version is available through Amazon.

If you're new to all this, here's an overview of How Chinese Astrology Works.

Here are brief excerpts for each Chinese Zodiac sign. Find your Chinese Zodiac sign using the Chinese (Zodiac) Calendar.

Rat: Relentless Rat, This coming year threatens to dish up a belt-tightening spell for you Rats. Commerce slows in Snake years. You won’t go broke. But your income may diminish sufficiently to cause you a few sleepless nights.

Put some cash away in a safe place. There is political unrest and global turbulence now so get ready to hunker down and perhaps even shoulder new and different responsibilities.

Ox Stolid Ox, You and the Snake along like a set of fraternal twins. You don’t look anything alike. Yet, you are inseparable pals. Snakes always carry their weight in attraction and are not afraid of assuming power.

The Snake’s style never interferes with yours. You plod. Snakes slither. But you are both rather slow and deep-thinking. Hence, the wave lengths match and you truly appreciate each other. You each enjoy a quiet, yet sedate presence.

Tiger: Reckless Tiger, When the luscious Snake is in charge, a year of love and romance is ahead for you Tigers. Better to be snuggled under the quilt with some sexy character you adore than to be racing about at your usual breakneck pace, performing impetuous acts of daring and bravura.

Snakes hate to hurry. And they are not amused by your natural penchant for living life in the fast lane. Money will not readily avalanche into your bank account this year. But you will have tons more time and good luck when implementing projects and concocting business deals.

Cat/Rabbit Cautious Cat/Rabbit, This is a fine year for you Cat/Rabbits to gain ground. The Snake admires your quiet charm and has identical taste in finest luxuries. You, of course, may prefer castles on the Loire and the Snake will fancy diamond necklaces from Cartier. But the similarity is there.

Snakes are philosophical as well and can work quietly behind the scenes to make a great deal happen in a very short time. You enjoy silence and are comfortable with the brand of enduring beauty that belongs solely to the Snake. Hence the atmosphere of this year doesn’t tread on your aesthetic.

Dragon Dashing Dragon, You will be obliged to cease those noisy romps of yours and quell the celebratory instincts as well. The Snake is no slave driver. But he/she needs all the attention. As you also fall smack dab into the “look at me” attention-getter category, you are not fond of competition. You like floodlights and marching bands. The Snake prefers soft Debussy and fragrant bathtubs surrounded by flickering colored candles.

So climb down off the throne. This is no longer your year. It belongs to the quiet, unobtrusive, philosophical but powerful Snake. So what will occur between you and the Snake year is a clash of styles. Your turn to don a bushel basket to cover your head and scuttle along walls so as not to be noticed.

Snake: Tantalizing Snake, As you will be in the driver’s seat this year, you can expect to be energetic and cheerful most all the time – except when events accelerate and too many demands are made on your time. You prefer to live your life at your own pace.

This year you will be obliged to follow the hectic cadence of the world and its drastic politics. In Snake years, the planet’s geo-political climate generally heats up to full tilt by about July and doesn’t simmer down until well after the following January.

I know that being a member of the ruling class sounds terrific in theory. But in practice, it’s another kettle of crabs all clawing each other for top of the heap status. You will need scads of rest and relaxation this year if you want to survive in good fettle.

Horse: Headstrong Horse, Not the easiest year to come along for Horses. Your new family (read, in-laws) wants a lot more from you than you are willing to give. Their needs will create dissension and, if you are not careful, could lead to a nasty breakup of your couple. The Snake’s influence can be laden with half truths and even fantasies which don’t quite wash in the real world. The Snake longs to believe only his or her vision of a given situation and is often loath to surrender to reality.

So you may come up against some real obstacles this year in your attempt to get your marriage or long term live-in relationship off the ground. New brooms usually sweep clean, but as they get older, some of the dirt begins to be swept under the rug or even altogether neglected. Same holds true for new relationships.

Goat:Skillful Sheep, Still zipping along in a freewheeling mood, by the end of this Snake year, you will be enjoying a newfound sense of luxury and social acceptance Snake people are not the most outgoing people alive. But they often choose the gentle, artistic company of Goats.

You are on your own wave length now, doing your thing at a fairly leisurely pace. That unhurried manner of yours appeals to the Snake who prefers to move through life smoothly and without haste. Your easygoing companionship warms the tootsies of the otherwise chilly-toed Snake.

Monkey Merry Monkey, Not exactly Monkey Nirvana are Snake years. You will be doing some fancy footwork to adapt. The Snake is a cool, collected individual. No-nonsense and philosophical, Snakes don’t need or want to be entertained 24/7.

Of course they enjoy a good professional show or concert where they can dress appropriately in all their finery and appreciate the play or the music at a correct socially-acceptable pace. But Monkeys riding around on unicycles or playing trumpets in their bathrooms dressed as scarecrows or nuns? Very little thank you and in tiny little eye dropper doses.

Rooster Resilient Rooster, For Roosters the Snake year is a piece of cake. You two implicitly understand each other. It’s not emotional or even psychological. Your harmony with Snakes is at the gut level. You are attracted to them and vice versa. So the sailing should be smooth this year in everything related to comfort and luxury, money and good vibes.

There is, however, a cloud on the horizon and it resides in your love sector. Things were almost too good to be true between you and your sweetie. Then, at the end of last year, there came a major shift in affections which, in hindsight, you know full well was based on a gross misunderstanding. And it falls to you to make amends. Moreover, begging peoples’ pardon is not something you do with ease. You are both proud and cocky. And we like that about you. But when you make a huge social faux pas, you must accept the blame and do some serious backtracking in order to regain favor in the eyes of the victim.

Dog Doubting Doggy, Political unrest, riots and wars are common in Snake years. Providing the turmoil might lead to justice for all, you won’t be upset. But where aggression is happening for its own sake, you will most decidedly not approve and may even decide to start your own battle against what’s happening.

The Snake will not be averse to your crusades and campaigns for the betterment of humankind; but neither will you receive masses of donations under the Snake’s reign. Snakes prefer to spend their money on frivolities, luxuries and accessories. They never feel terrific about having to fund necessities. Paying the electricity bill annoys Snakes. So don’t go barking for cash to hire mercenaries for your own causes this year. You won’t find any willing philanthropists.

Pig Proud Pig, This year - beware of Snakes bearing pretty gifts and compliments. The Snake owns a mysterious – even mystical – attraction for you Pig people. When you meet a Snake person, you are almost instantly smitten. When the Snake meets you, he or she is instantly aware that they can pull great skeins of wool over your innocent eyes with impunity. You are a pushover for Snake charmers – and charming they are indeed!

So this year constitutes a sort of emotional labyrinth where you Pigs may become disoriented several – if not many – times. Much of the confusion will go on in your personal life. You will be misled or gossiped about by someone you love and sorely disappointed to wake up to the fact that said loved one is capable of such chicanery.

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