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Love in the Year of the Water Snake, 2013

Seduction, Allure, Attraction and Power


Love in the Year of the Water Snake, 2013

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Editor's Note: This exclusive to About.com comes from author Suzanne White, who has been called "the High Priestess of both Eastern and Western astrologies." Find your love horoscope below, for both your Zodiac (Western) sign and your Chinese sign! (Look at the Chinese Calendar to find your Chinese sign and element.

Sensual Snake

Snakes are never arrogant or pushy about romance. They don't have to be. Everybody and his brother and sister wants to get into bed with a Snake.

By contrast to the lust-mad Dragon of 2012, the Snake is a dignified character - a handsome, elegant sort of person with a knockout wardrobe and posh accessories to match.

Snakes make excellent lovers. They are savvy about their partner's needs and eager to satisfy them. Snakes do a lot of lying down anyway. They also do a lot of musing about sex whilst planning their attack for the next session. Think about it. If you know a Snake person, when she or her is not working, they're usually stretched out somewhere warm on a divan or else they are languishing under a cashmere throw in a chaise longue. Snakes need to be recumbent. So, they think, why not lie down in bed with a delectable sex partner?

Snakes do tend to stray a bit. Not nearly so often or in such a randy manner as Dogs. But Snakes are sooooo alluring and soooo needful of admiration that they will sometimes succumb to flattery from outside their traditional long term relationship. Though not strictly 100% faithful, Snakes are discreet. They don't get the other guy's lipstick on their collars or reek of the heady scent of some floozie's exotic eau de cologne.

Snakes know how to keep their counsel. In point of fact, most of Snakes' extra conjugal escapades happen in remote venues where their main squeezes would never dream of looking for them. Snakes, you remember, are both sultry and cool-headed.

Of course Snakes also have families and are loyal and true to everyone involved. They want to be surrounded because they need the quasi full time attention of any and everyone within 100 kilometers. Snakes are spotlight seekers. And their family is as good as place as any to feel the glowing heat of the footlights on them.

And what about Sex and Love in the Snake Year? What lascivious activities will befall you in 2013?

Western (Zodiac) Signs:

ARIES - Dream of live-in fill time lover comes true at last. You two should be cozy by mid June. Share expenses.

TAURUS - In September, new love peeks over the hedges and tempts you silly. Dive in head over heels. This one is a keeper.

GEMINI - Passion bounds in with a vengeance in July. Caution! This new love portends a bottomless emotional pool. Keep your wits about you.

CANCER - July heats your romance to a fever pitch. Intimate power struggles in November. You will won. But not by pouting.

LEO - Providing you keep your wits about you, the high drama in your love life at the beginning of the Snake year will give way to smooth sailing by the month of May. Remain unruffled no matter what.

VIRGO - Late June brings succulent pleasure. Passion is surging and hearts, they are a-thumping. Keep a handkerchief handy. Emotions intensify. Tears? Perhaps yes.

LIBRA - Make up your mind to go for broke with a hot-blooded ex who comes back for a rematch in summer. Do keep in mind however why you broke up in the first place.

SCORPIO - In late February, use your sexiest wiles to land that delectable person you have had your eye on for awhile. Passionate fling could be lasting union.

SAGITTARIUS - Your personal life gets a boost as the calendar nears Mid-March. Take a chance on love. Push your luck. A gambling heart is bound to win.

CAPRICORN - Come August, one of your exes will be looking wildly attractive. Your significant other smells a rat. Don't rock the boat.

AQUARIUS - Some dissension in your couple in June will cause an air-clearing row. Take time off in July for a passionate getaway - just the two of you.

PISCES - In March, you and your lover are on the same page. Light the flame with a not-so-subtle hint - rose petals or fragrant gardenias leading up the stairs and directly to the bed. Romance returns to stay till 2014.

Chinese (Zodiac) Sign:
(Find your sign using the Chinese Calendar).

RAT - Your love life cools somewhat during in June and July. The chill is temporary. Don’t lose heart. In September previously forbidden romance will flower and bloom. Enjoy!

OX - Your love life glows in mid-September. A partner's desire for you grows. Bask in the passion. Return the favor with some sensual surprises.

TIGER - Late February, your taste in lovers may waver. Resist the urge to dip your toes in muddy waters. Crossing the line would forever change your most cherished relationship.

CAT/RABBIT - Be careful not to be selfish in lovemaking this summer. Your partner's eye may wander. Be more generous in bed. Whisper sweet nothings to reassure him or her and improve the thrill.

DRAGON - You'll see some seesawing in the romance dept this year. Passions run hot and then cool off abruptly. By October emotions will level off and you can relax. 

SNAKE - Love triangle in February causes tension. Use diplomacy, not force, to discourage the intruder. By October, passion between you and your main squeeze runs hotter than usual. You are adored.

HORSE - Love often eludes you early in the year. Then suddenly an exciting, inspiring event will forge a close bond. Feel freer to express emotion.

SHEEP/GOAT - A plethora of romantic adventures all year. You’ll be courted by so many new and different types you will scarcely be able to keep track. End of 2013, things amorous slow to a screeching halt.

MONKEY - Early July, catch up on romance. Haul out the body-oil and scented candles. Such accessories will gain you unfair advantage over your hypnotized partner. By November, you will have seduced and conquered.

ROOSTER - Late April brings passion in the form of a newcomer. Tiptoe into this one. Watch for red flags. Disappointment on the horizon. Maintain objectivity.

DOG - End of March your main squeeze deems you a real treasure. The passionate part of your life perks. April turns out to be a sexual rollercoaster. Desire. Temptation. Possession. Jealousy. Keep your head.

PIG - Sex heats up end of November. Love life becomes more densely authentic in November. Believe it or not, there is a loving soul out there who doesn’t have to destroy you in order to love you. Probably not a Snake.


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