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Year of the Snake Horoscopes, 2013

(Western) Zodiac Signs


Year of the Snake Horoscopes, 2013

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Editor's Note: It's the Year of the Water Snake, following the Year of the Water Dragon. It begins officially on February 10, 2013, and ends on January 30, 2014, aligned with the lunisolar calendar. It's a New Moon in Western Zodiac sign Aquarius.

Here are excerpts from Suzanne White's 2013 Your New Astrology Horoscopes with the subtitle, Chinese And Western Predictions: The Water Snake Year Monthly Forecasts For All 24 Zodiac Signs . The paperback version is available through Amazon.

Also see your Chinese Zodiac horoscopes for 2013 (excerpts). Suzanne's New Astrology is about both merging East and West -- but it's up to you to put the two into the mental blender. First step is to find your sign using the Chinese (Zodiac) Calendar. If you're a Gemini Monkey (that's an easy one to imagine!) -- use your intuitive blender, as Suzanne says, to combine the two.

If you're new to all this, here's an overview of How Chinese Astrology Works.


Impulsive Aries, As you like to barrel into each experience with merry enthusiasm and unrivaled vigor, the philosophical tone and quality of the more sedate Snake Year may irritate you. You live for action and are always on the move. Snakes like to remain quiet and go slow.

2013 will urge you to stop slamming doors and stomping on the brakes. Snakes help Aries to enter a new and becalmed state of mind. They want you to examine your soul, meditate on your innermost motivations and, in general, soft pedal the usual Aries clamor. If this new ambiance strikes you as annoying, it’s because it is annoying... to you. Frustrating indeed for the enthusiastic person you are.


Loyal Taurus, After a hectic Dragon Year in which you were buffeted about a good bit, you will enjoy the luxury of the Snake’s quiet power. Snake years bestow a generous peace of mind on Taurean people. You revel in what moves as slow as nature.

As the year for you begins on a note of domestic turbulence, you may decide straightaway that 2013 is not your friend. But wait! By mid March your social life picks up and you gain sterling clarity about your private life as well.


Restless Gemini, The Snake Year bodes well for you. The Snake appeals to you as you love both beauty and drama and so do they. The only issue you take with this upcoming year is that things don’t move as quickly as you like them to. You find the entire ambiance pokey and lacking in vibrancy.

There is however an upside to the slow -moving Snake year for Geminis. Despite a hectic start, 2013 will bring you much professional advancement and financial peace of mind. I can’t guarantee you will become a millionaire. But you will be on better terms with your career by the end of the Snake year than at the beginning.


Emotional Cancer, In the first months of 2013 you will be assaulted by mental confusion and noise. You can eliminate some of the din inside your brain, by means of meditation or yoga - even vigorous exercise will help cool you down. For some Cancers (such as Horses and Oxen) hard work is the answer. Above all, to avoid sinking into one of your depressive moods. Get enough sleep and when you feel overwhelmed, take time off to be by yourself.

Issues at home may tempt you this year to dump your unresolved emotions on others. Resist the impulse. Complete solutions are strangely elusive. But partial ones are available if you actively seek them. Don’t be afraid to see a shrink or try group therapy. Persist until you find someone with whom you are comfortable. Someone who can both listen to and advise you.


Radiant Leo, Metamorphosis is in the air for you Leos in 2013. You will be evolving as a fast clip and making significant changes in your lifestyle. 2013 will challenge you to speed up your personal development. Some of this transformation will be pleasant and even joyful. But a bit will be painful. Why? Because that’s life.

Part of the above-mentioned discomfort will be the necessary shedding of certain toxic people, the abandoning of useless projects and ridding yourself of any bad habits which don’t allow for personal growth. You need room in your life for this near revolution to occur. What I mean by personal evolution is the examination of self and ultimately the courage to begin to communicate more gently, and become more whole within your spirit.


Methodical Virgo, The water Snake year will be one of professional progress for Virgos. Sometimes the advancement will be choppy. Others, it will sail right along. You tend at first to want to hang onto the past. It will take some time before you realize that the Snake is guiding you toward enlightenment and demanding that you adopt a new philosophy of life.

Communications often break down during Snake years so do take care to edit well before uttering awkward or clumsy remarks. You may be irritated when the winds of change urge you toward a new way of thinking. Your entourage may not, however, quite understand why you seem suddenly cranky or out of sorts. Explain yourself thoroughly. If necessary, write everything down. Share the new experiences you are having. Make sure everyone knows that your progress will benefit them all.


Impartial Libra, As usual, this year for Librans will have much to do with relationships. Both personal and business contacts will flow in and out of your life all year long. You will spend a lot of time sorting through the various people who come courting, eliminating those whose presence is nefarious and encouraging those who bring you joy and help you progress.

Be careful not to fritter away time this year reveling in vapid pastimes such as shopping for frivolities. The Snake urges Librans to indulge in futile luxuries and spend money unwisely. Better to spend time forging ahead in your career and cultivating the friendship of people who can assist you in gaining ground.


Sassy Scorpio, 2013 will be a year to remember. You have been waiting for this one for a long time, Scorpio. Your highest ideals and wildest dreams will finally be available to you. For too many years now you have felt as though your were just reading water, moving along as a snail’s pace, holding your own - but barely. And certainly not enjoying your life to the fullest. It hasn’t been dull. But it has been fraught and crowded with stresses and strains about everything from family to health and money.

You are likely to change home bases and re-locate in a place where there is more activity available to you. You will suddenly be less cloistered and sedentary. And you will participate more in social events. 2013 promises to ramp up the emotional temperature and rid you of tepid times past.


Spirited Sagittarius, Despite the dauntlessness inside of you forever wanting to burst its borders, I’d recommend you press hard on the soft pedal in the coming Snake year. Your adventuresome nature and craving to journey to untrammeled exotic places may shock the refined sensitivities of the Water Snake. You tend to be a rough and tumble sort of person, known for your ability to fend for yourself in any environment. Water Snakes are still languishing in their warm beds when you are already halfway up the mountain.

So maintain a low profile and keep your voice down. And if you are fixin’ to take one of your epic voyages - don’t invite any Snakes along for the ride. The better relationships for you this year are among other adventurers such as Aquarius/Roosters or Gemini or Libra/tigers. Relationships have never been your strongest suit. You’re plucky and capable and have most of your own ideas already fixed about what it is you want to be and do.


Consistent Capricorn, Productivity is the watchword of the Snake Year for Capricorns. Of course you crave progress. But you are not always willing to leap into the fray in order to make some. In the Snake year, forward movement will mean modification of lifestyle. Although change is not your favorite toy or your strong suit, you are destined this year to undergo some major changes in your personal as well as your public life.

Much of what you will be doing professionally will take you far from home. As you hate being away from your home base, there will be a conflict both in your heart and in your spirit. You desperately want to succeed at business or a job. But in order to get to the career place you so long for, you will have to accept to be away. Finding the balance between home and work will be your challenge. Beware of feeling guilty for what you can do nothing about.


Visionary Aquarius, First things first. This year Aquarians are in some unexpected stress. Why? Because of change. Upheavals over which you have no control. Though the idea of these coming changes may cause you some dread and may even upset you, you will recognize by year’s end that they were all for the better. My advice? Go with the flow. Don’t resist. Just move forward.

The planets are aligned in such a way for Aquarians that while the above-mentioned changes are happening, you will also have the feeling there is a hurricane at your back. You will be propelled forward at a pace you are hardly used to. As a result, you will need more sleep, more exercise and more sex. The sex part of your life has been rather a desert for a time. This year your body will do the walking. And the sex in question will mean a lot more than fun.


Philosophical Pisces, This year Pisces, you are headed for growth and expansion. For too long you have been cooped up in a sort of turbulent dreamland. You have felt obliged in many ways. You have built your life according to how other people or institutions dictated. Not that you were a prisoner or a slave to the whims of those around you. But you had the feeling you were indebted and thereby required to adhere to certain rules or habits which we not really yours. For some cosmic reason, you have been torn between obedience and rebellion.

The Water Snake year is one which encourages Pisces to stand on his or her own. Snakes are philosophers, deep thinkers and powerful engineers of change. The Snake wants Pisces to break free of the fetters of a compromised existence and strike out on his or her own.

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