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2011 Predictions for Dog

In the Year of Metal Rabbit


2011 Predictions for Dog

(c)Stephanie Dalton Cowan/Getty Images

by guest author Suzanne White

Once they get through chasing one another, Dogs and Rabbits can be quite friendly, but the beginning of the year will be difficult for you. You'll feel resistance around February and it will last until mid-April.

Then, as the Rabbit wakes up to the idea that you are on tap, he will raise the toll gate and let you into his inner sanctum. He may even ask you to become his partner or at least his advisor. The upholstered chaise-longue manner of business in Rabbit years rankles with your sense of what is proper.

You scorn society’s niceties and disparage frills. Don't speak out too vehemently—you might disturb a Rabbit's fragile sensitivities. Learn to tiptoe and things will turn in your favor. Rabbit years are beneficial to your sentimental life.

If the idea pleases you, get married or move in with someone significant. The time is favorable for all longstanding relationships. Unlike yourself, Rabbits neither yip nor growl. Rabbits are non confrontational. They steer clear of all conflict. Hold the barking.

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