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Qualities of Metal Rabbit


Qualities of Metal Rabbit

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1471: Albrecht Dürer

1891: Henry Miller, Ronald Coleman, Sergei Prokofiev

1951: Kate Nelligan, Cheryl Ladd, Lucy Arnaz, Patrick Sabatier, Dominique Sanda , Treat Williams, Jane Seymour, Tony Danza, Richard Thomas, Joe Piscopo, Michael Keaton, Anjelica Huston, Sting, Melissa Manchester, Tommy Hilfiger, Janis Ian, Luther Vandross,Cheryl Ladd, Pedro Almodovar, Chrissie Hynde, Sting, John Mellencamp, Charo, Crystal Gayle

Metal confers a steely strength of purpose and more courage than we normally see in Rabbit behavior. He's no world-beater in the confrontation department but, unlike some less feisty Rabbits who flee, he can hold his ground if and when he meets with an obstacle. Due to this ability to defend his point of view, he is more optimistic than other Rabbits. He may even be a tad aggressive. Still, Metal Rabbits remain cautious. They do not take great big scary risks.

They rarely act on impulse, think every detail through, comb the particulars of every new situation as though searching for fleas. Until each element is crystal clear Metal Rabbits will avoid investment, commitment, intimacy and marriage - even with close loved ones. Metal Rabbits need their lives to be orderly and prefer to stay out of the muddy waters of indecision.

If his projects don't work out, the Metal Rabbit may not only stumble and fall but face ruin. This person is a great believer in sticking to his ideals. Unfortunately, he is rarely able to do so because he aspires to precarious positions and is easily shot down by ruthless adversaries. His downfall often comes in the form of a semi-depressive attitude towards getting ahead and a fatal loss of self-confidence.

Sometimes the Metal Rabbit races ahead of his failures and deliberately undertakes a project that he knows is above his capacities. This way, he can foresee and deflect the pain of the inevitable failure.

The Metal Rabbit's word is as good as gold. Once committed, he makes a point of honoring his promises and always backs them up with sound informational data. He considers disloyal people and unfaithful friends or relatives unworthy of his time. He is impatient with all untidiness in human endeavor and insists on clarity and a hundred fail-safe clauses and procedures before signing any document.

This creature may well possess special gifts which allow him to read other people's minds. He tends to introversion. Although he can be deliberately charming, he needs to beware of controversy. Hence the Metal Rabbit is never openly affable or outgoing. He is guarded.

The dark underbelly of his nature resides in gray areas and nether regions where ghosts and spirits play. He is more than occasionally drawn to participate in séances where the tables turn and spirits come back to claim communication with their loved ones.

The Metal Rabbit has fine taste. He may well become famous in some profession such as decoration or architecture, art history or even painting or drawing. He is an avid collector of objets d'art and because of his eye for detail, rarely falls into traps or is duped by dishonest dealers. His canny sixth sense perceives deceit through almost any disguise. At an auction, when he senses authenticity, his little velvet paws head straight for his checkbook. With lightning speed, he snaps up all the bargains at a single fell swoop.

This finely-honed aesthete doesn't have masses of pals or cronies. He is not someone to “hang out with” or invite in merely to shoot the breeze. The Metal Rabbit is a staid fellow with serious intentions and goals. He lets almost no one into his private life and rarely shares intimate information - even with his spouse or love partner.

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