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Taurus the Bull

April 20 to May 21


Taurus the Bull

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The Dates for Taurus change every year, so check an ephemeris if you're on the cusp. Sun into Taurus coincides with voluptuous, luscious Spring, when all of nature is in deep bloom.

Taurus' symbol is the Bull. The nature of Taurus is to produce, grow things, make art, build and enjoy simple pleasures.

  • Element is Earth.
  • Quality is Fixed (embellishing, rounding out).
  • Taurus is feminine (fertile, receptive).
  • Polarity is Scorpio.
  • Ruler is Venus
  • Natural House is Second.
  • Phrase is "I have."
  • Body Association: throat and neck, vocal cords, thyroid, jugular vein, tonsils.
  • Season is Spring
  • Colors are earthy browns, shades of green, pastel colors (blues, pinks, greens), white.
  • Rules copper, bronze, brass.
  • Birthstone is emerald, a precious jewel of nature's abundance.
  • Gemstones are other greens: green agate, garnet or sapphire, chrysocolla, dioptase. White or pink stones: rose quartz, pink tourmaline, alabaster, white coral, white topaz.

Flowers are sweet-smelling and wild, like the damask rose (associated with Venus), larkspur, white lilac, pink azalea, apple blossom, cowslip, cyclamen, freesia, pink gerbera, pink mallow hibiscus.

Animals those with sturdy frames, like bull and cattle in general.

Taurus is stealthy, productive, a wealth-magnet, conservative (conserves energy/time/resources) and oriented to the sensory world. Taurus digs in, and expresses love for life through pleasure-seeking and as an artist/builder.


At the extreme edges, Taurus is bull-headed, self-absorbed, materialistic, greedy, hedonistic, a glutton.

Which Venus?

Let's talk of Taurus as ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. If you're a Taurus, what's your Venus sign? This is your planetary ruler, and the Zodiac sign of Venus will add dimension to the kind of Taurus you are.

Taurus thrives on stability, and being able to grow a garden (life's work, family, art) into a lush paradise buzzing with life. Taurus has a strong primal instinct, for big appetites with food, sensual love, and creature comforts.

Blind Spots of the Bull

Taurus follows the surges of Aries, and is the earth sign of catching hold, and growing where planted. That explains the heavy vibe (and sometimes physique), for a sign that struggles with weightedness, and stagnation.

The pressure to root in and consolidate, is what makes Taurus great at manifesting. It's what gives Taurus a solid bearing. Taurus' love of stability sometimes leads to staying in dull jobs, that aren't inspiring. It's a happy Bull that finds a path that is both abundant and satisfying.

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