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The Wounded Healer



Chiron near Saturn/NASA

The half-comet Chiron was discovered in 1977, and since then, has been linked to the original wound within, and the healing journey that leads to wisdom. Through observation in chart readings, astrologers are discovering Chiron's symbolic role. We can also look for its meaning in mythology and place in the solar system.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was the noblest Centaur and a spiritual mentor to other Gods in the pantheon. But Chiron's story began with abandonment. He was born to the nymph Philyra and Kronos, also called Saturn. When Philyra saw that her child was freakish, born half-man/half-horse, she rejected him in disgust. In the myth, he never knew his father, but was raised and schooled by Apollo, the Sun God. He became learned in the healing arts, music, prophesy and it's often said, astrology, too.

Chiron's life took another tragic turn when he was wounded in the leg by a poison arrow. The wound was considered incurable. But in his commitment to find a way to heal, he unearthed the gift to heal others. Chiron is the archetype of experiences through dis-ease and pain that is then the inspiration to be a healing balm for others. Its symbolic of injuries that never fully heal, but that we carry in our beings. The experience of suffering makes us more compassionate, empathic, and that's a healing force in itself.

When we start the process of healing these deep wounds, it begins the journey to deepened faith. The unfolding of the emotional-psychic layers, or the experiencing of physical pain takes courage. As we open to it, we discover our true strength. It shows us the path to the divine Self and its infinite resources.

It's significant that Chiron moves between the orbits of both Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents stability and form, while Uranus startles us with breakthroughs. Saturn is grounded, like the heavy thick horse lower half of the Centaur, showing us how to deal, teaching us to be patient with our broken places. Uranus speeds evolution and shows us how to break free of these limitations.

Chiron's position is as a go-between. It's the bridge between these hardships and the potential for a miracle. It's a cosmic messenger, bringing practical tools to aid the healing of the planet and ourselves.

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