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What does it mean?


Every astrology book or site has interpretations. These are descriptions of say, Mars in Aries, or having Pluto in the sixth house. After years of reading interpretations, I've learned how to integrate it into what I already know. It's important to realize that every astrologer writes from their own perspective, and many have a piece of universal truth to offer. But ultimately, it's up to you to size it up in your intuitive mind, to come to the fullest understanding.

You've probably read interpretations that were spot on. The best ones trigger an awareness of something that was just at the edge of your consciousness. It illuminates a truth about yourself, and helps you grow in self-understanding.

Then there are those that get lodged in your mind like a bad pop song. It might be a discouraging line or two, that resonates, but that is framed in a hopelessly negative way. I'll never forget reading about my Sun Cancer/Moon Gemini combination in a book of interpretations. At the end was the line, "a tough one." That it stuck with me was significant. It's filed away in a mental library of challenging (stressful!) elements in my chart. Sometimes it can be reinforce that life is hard and other times, it reminds me to be patient with the contradictions within my own nature.

Some astrologers use the classical language of the Greeks (Hellenistic astrology), and you'll see this in older books especially. Besides being anachronistic to the average reader, it can seem set in stone to hear that the Great Malefic Saturn is in its fall in Aries. Try balancing out this kind of interpretation with those that use other kinds of language.

Astrologers that see squares as challenges might choose to use empowering language, for example. It's up for debate whether anything in a chart is good or bad. If you're an impressionable beginner, it's best to steer clear of overly negative interpretations. That says more about the person behind the words, than what's at play in your chart.

Another tip to remember, is that each interpretation is one piece of the hologram that is your astrological blueprint. The real art of astrology is taking those interpretations and blending them with what you know about your entire chart. Hold on to what you read loosely. As they say in group, take what you like and leave the rest. And keep developing your own ability to see with your intuitive eye, how the planets and their dynamics, give an energetic shape to your nature.

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