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Mars in Aquarius


Mars in Aquarius acts on original impulses, and isn't afraid to go beyond the norm. Your drive is erratic and hard for others to count on. You quickly change course, especially if you alight on a breakthrough possibility. You're passionate about busting out of limitations, and can't tolerate a dull routine. You are quixotic, and act in unpredictable ways. If you think someone is trying to peg your behavior, you'll surprise them by exhibiting a new mode.

You are roused to action from a strong sense of compassion. You may get into activism, and gain strength from the power of the collective. You are motivated by the futuristic and far-out. This can guide you to technology and the arts. You're designed to pursue your own unique thread of inspiration, even if it veers off the beaten path. You may be a tinkerer in the basement, who ends up making an astounding discovery. Or an artist that shocks by breaking taboos. If there are barriers, you thrive on going beyond them.

You're drawn to fringey people and activities, and may have some bizarre hobbies. You like to experiment, and may get into kinky stuff sexually. You're attracted to unusual people who are often of a different culture or race from yours. You demand freedom, and offer that in return to friends and lovers. You can be productive working alone for hours, but also thrive in the company of friends.

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