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Mars in Capricorn


Mars in Capricorn needs great mountains to climb in life. You come alive when there's resistance, and show enormous strength in pursuit of your goals. You are self-controlled and don't take orders well from others. You step into leadership early in life, and carry an air of authority. You can take the attitude that the "ends justify the means," which can lead down the path of ruthlessness. You aim for mastery in your chosen field, and keep your eyes on the highest prize.

You are even-handed, thorough and persistent. If your feathers are ruffled, you don't get mad...you get even by being an even greater success. Wealth and status can be motivators, but so can leaving a lasting legacy that you're proud of. You don't like to reinvent the wheel, preferring to build on traditions that have proven enduring. You have the ability to envision a realistic end result, and work tirelessly to achieve it.

Your sexual nature is earthy and powerful. You take your commitments seriously, though you retain a sense of proud autonomy in relationships. You may not be emotional or affectionate, but you have a core sensuality that's palpable and attractive to those you meet. For you, power is an aphrodisiac, and you're drawn to those that enhance yours, or exhibit it themselves.

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