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Mars in Gemini


The pace of Mars in Gemini is head-spinningly fast. You move in a zig zag path, often dropping one thing to pick up where you left off with another. Having loose ends doesn’t bother you, since you know you’ll come ‘round to it again eventually. You like variety, and thus enjoy juggling many projects at the same time. You are motivated by ideas, and may keep the tv or radio going as a stream of inspiration. You’re flexible with the process of getting from A to B, and open to altering course when new info comes in.

You’re drawn to passions that catch the attention of your curious mind. If it sparkles, you want to grab it. You loathe repetition in your daily routine, and may have more than one “job.” You love to try new hobbies or games, especially if they’re social and challenge the mind. You may end up having dexterity in many skills, but find it harder to achieve mastery. No matter, you’re just out to learn and experience whatever life brings.

You’re attracted to witty, eclectic personalities that don’t want to envelope you in heavy emotion. The breathless dandy or waif that's just a whirl of excitement is your ideal. You enjoy taking off with friends for a day trip, or enrolling in a sketch class with your inner circle. You’re here to sample life in an experiential way. You don’t like to be tied down, since you’ve got to stay on the move!

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