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Mars in Libra


Mars in Libra acts with an instinct for balance and being fair to all sides. You can be indecisive, as you're weighing your options. And you can talk yourself out of taking action. Your energy comes in fits and starts, and sometimes opportunities pass you by. You can be lackadaisical, until an idea envelops you with passion. Often there's a cause involved, like fighting injustice. Or, you're ignited by a creative project that lifts your spirits. You are motivated to spread a love of beauty and harmony.

You entertain hundreds of notions every day, but only act on a few of them. You are turned off by crass behavior and dull minds. You are social and light, but have a provocative side, when you see the need to push folks out of their comfort zone. Often you initiate with ideas, and sometimes they temporarily upset the status quo. You understand how to set things right, to create a new equilibrium.

You're attracted to artful people, cultural sophistication and dazzling "player" types. You like a lover with an edge, just enough fire to keep things interesting. You easily fall into pairing up, whether its with friends or a mate. You've got a natural affinity of merging to form a mini-team, and playing off the energies of the Other. This may lead you into successful business partnerships and long lasting relationships.

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