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Saturn in Gemini


Serious Student of Life

With Saturn in Gemini (or Third House,) you have a strong intellect and ability to translate ideas. Saturn pressures you to go beyond fears of communication, and claim your talents in language. You can become an expert juggler of the bits and pieces of life’s puzzle, always rearranging them into new forms. You excel as a teacher, artist, researcher and curiosity seeker.

In the birth chart, this Saturn may cause early speech inhibitions. It could means a stutter or times of being paralyzed, tongue-tied.

This hesitation later becomes a built-in shaper of thoughts to useful ends. You can take in lots of information, and channel it into conversation or meaningful projects. You have the gift of the gab, but often shrewdly use it to your advantage.

You are a magician experimenting with the art of changing consciousness at will. You tend to convey your ideas with humor and awareness of the absurdity in life.

You might be steered toward a calling in journalism, storytelling or education.

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