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Bio for Jessica Murray


Bio for Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray studied fine art, traditional psychology and linguistics at Brown University, graduating in 1973. After time spent exploring political theatre, she began a study of metaphysics and has been practicing and teaching astrology in San Francisco for thirty years.

Her highly acclaimed book, Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer's View of America (available on her website, MotherSky.com, uses astrology as a 'spiritual language' to put America's collective journey in mythic terms. In her monthly Skywatch on MotherSky.com, her column for DayKeeperJournal.com, and her articles for The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Jessica examines astrological transits as they manifest in current global events.

Interviews with Jessica are posted on Conscious Media Network. She will be a presenter at The Blast conference in Sept 08 in Sedona, and is currently at work on a book that uses astrological symbols to explore a merger of spiritual inquiry with social consciousness.

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