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Libra Total Eclipse (April 15th)

Blood Moon


Libra Total Eclipse (April 15th)

Tipping the Scales?

The wait is over!  The intense grand cross in cardinal signs in April's forecast is already in edge-of-your-seats play. 

Here comes a spike of intensity, with the Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15th) in cardinal sign Libra. At this big event, the luminaries Sun and Moon are at 25 degrees Libra, and Mars is at 16 Libra, charging the air with big passion and wakefulness.

Great powers of creativity and destruction are doing their thing.  How are you directing it?  Cardinal signs (Aries - Cancer - Libra - Capricorn) are especially in the crucible.  Sometimes inner and outer whammies happen at the eclipse that have a reverberating or life-altering effect. 

Be curious about your expectations themselves.  The Aries-Libra line is especially flashing for some Full Moon illumination.  Aries is inspired action and Libra is action along with the equally charged expectation of a response.  In this experiment called life, there's acting with willpower, and using our creative intelligence.  And then there's the balancing act of playing off others' intent and creations.

The Libra hot spot has to do with reactions, and how we know ourselves from how others see us.  Libra themes are up now, like relating, fair play, the instinct for harmony, acting on the conscience.

Thinking of a Libra eclipse, some could have explosive encounters, break-ups or make-ups, taking a stand, or taking the alternate route.  The Aries-Libra line gets edgy with other cardinals Cancer-Capricorn.  Cardinal energy is initiating, so think of this as a potential initiation

Even if you don't read astrological charts, a look at the  Chart for Total Lunar Eclipse shows clearly the cross (the box), also known as the Grand Square.  The squares there represent tense angles, and the cross lines in the square are the oppositions. 

There's initiatory stress, and some may experience this as outer events forcing change.  Others may experience a lot of inner tension.  The pressure of squares and oppositions seeks an outlet -- something has to give! 

I keep thinking about astrologer Jessica Murray's simple tip to Live Through Your Chart during a previous cardinal cross.  On the cardinal menu are times of ordeals, unexpected growth and growing pains, fresh pathways and dramatic endings and/or beginnings.  And with Aries electrified by Uranus (the divine spark, there is vital energy in a return to the self and your individual path.  There can be great leaps now, when you are actively living your soul's purpose. 

Blood Moon

Why does the Moon sometimes turn coppery-red during a lunar eclipse?

What we're seeing is the sunlight through the Earth's atmosphere, with the green to violet spectrum filtered out.  A total eclipse of the Moon means the Earth's shadow is cast there on the lunar face. 

First we see a dark cookie-shaped shadow, and then when the eclipse reaches totality, that's when the Moon appears to turn a shade of red. 


A Good Read 

One meme of our time is waking up to the ways human evolution is controlled, directed or even stunted.  And with this, an awakening to the plutocracy, also known as the oligarchy -- a centuries-old hierarchy of control that goes back to ancient times. 

These turning points can mean dramatic events for the human struggle to free itself from different kinds of bondage.  And yet, it all begins with the self (as stated above) and living out your calling.  This can be a seminal moment, to bring energy back to the self, instead of serving it up to the existing paradigm-machine. 

From Ishtar's Gate:  Blood Moon:  A Matter of Life and Death:  "So how do we get out of their Death Spiral … 

We have to dance out of it, I’m finding, into the Life Spiral – and it’s just about how we re-empower ourselves, out of being helpless victims forced to watch one atrocity after another, into free-thinking individuals engaging with life-fulfilling thoughts and activities."

This backs my own thinking of late, to use the intensity of April, to reinvigorate the sense of destiny.  And to make sure personally, I'm using my creative energy to serve life, not death. 

I wrote about April's cardinal peaks in Facing Plutocracy, Freeing Humanity.

And yet, that begins with each one of us freeing ourselves....and being a living example of what's possible. 

Jupiter & Big Love

If there's angst and high drama, there's a rare warmth of heart, with Jupiter (Cancer) in a sweet angle to Venus (Pisces), and Neptune. 

Be on the lookout for serendipity in hard-to-miss vivid technicolor.  There can be a revival of faith, and a sense of a role to play.  And that sometimes gentle, kind, protective actions speak louder than words. 




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