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Balsamic Moon Personality

Your Moon Phase


Balsamic Moon Personality

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  • On the Lunar Calendar: 10 ½ days after the Full Moon, up to the New Moon
  • Degree: 315-360 degrees ahead of the Sun
  • Inner Directive: completion, preparation for new

If this is your Moon phase, you see in the dark. You're at home when enveloped in mysteries, especially the ultimate mystery - death. Your life purpose is to tie up loose ends, and create a nutrient-rich environment for the new to germinate.

You may feel unreal, and in the shadows, since much of what's taken as culture is old hat to you. As a youngster, you might feel like you're going through the motions, that nothing satisfies. You don't sink into current culture, because your role is to distill it into the new.

Your nature is to mix it all in the cauldron, and with the heat, busting open seeds for the new. You live with one eye on the future, and are often detached from current events and culture. Your role is to vision the future, out of what's fermented from the past.


Just as a shaman straddles two worlds, so do you. You may be drawn to the healing arts, and be especially intuitive. As an artist, you create original works that give a first glimpse of the emerging future. Your Moon phase is about ending, but it's there in the womblike dark, that the new is birthed.

Your Moon phase is an initiation into new ways of being. The old and new overlap, as you resolve past karma, and wrap up relationships. You may have a lot of brief ties with specific work to do, before moving on. As the old is completed, you catch sight of the new. You may be a visionary seer that is a guide for others across that bridge.

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