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Cancer Full Moon, December 2012


Cancer Full Moon, December 2012

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"The only life raft here is love." Rumi

Here's the chart for the Cancer Full Moon on December 28th. The solstice scopes are still current, as the Yod with Jupiter is in play.

See more on Cancer-Capricorn Full Moon, that brings 2012 full circle. Time to drink deeply from the well of love in all its forms.

Water Moon - Big Feeling

Norway's Per Henrick Gullfoss calls them "the love Moons." On water sign Moons (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), he writes, "When it really does become a master in the game of love, it deflects the impure emotions emanating from the environment and nurtures itself only on the true and pure love." A high expression then of water Moons, is to choose NOT to respond to what is without love. A love Moon master, Gullfoss writes, "only reflects back what is loving and caring In other words, it never criticizes or feels rejected by the lack of love in others."

This kind of love dilemma surfaced for me, when I lost a dear friend and fur baby last Sunday. I shared my sad news by email with three in my family, and only one, my sister, responded. It felt (and feels) like a willful act, to avoid giving my loss meaning. That it's just a pet, and not on the level of other deaths our family had this year. The lack of response felt cold, and even made me want to alter my holiday plans.

Instead, I can attempt to walk the path of spiritual mastery, that Gullfoss says is devotion. This is being devoted to love, and to forgive the limits of others, in their loving. He writes, "It is to accept the love and devotion from others without judging or putting up defenses or making demands for how one is going to be loved. This is the true love of seeing, meeting, and dancing with God, through seeing, meeting, and dancing with all the multiple forms of God that are manifested in the visible and invisible universe."

With the holidays upon us, many are coming together with the family-of-origin where we bump so furiously up against each others limits of loving. This is where we're triggered the most. And also, it's with family, that we see the evolution of intimate family ties over the course of a lifetime. We have a long history. And every visit is marked "to be continued" which means there's time to soften, to come to deeper understandings.

Post-Holiday Update After a disparaging remark about cat people and the comment that I should get a replacement dog before my old one dies, I realized something. My Mom didn't know how much our cat meant to us. So I took the risk to be vulnerable and told her, when the time was right and the mood balanced. She then had the chance to say "Oh yes, I was sorry to hear that. I just got so busy. It's always sad to lose a pet."

By taking the emotional risk, I had the share to hear her response. It was merely being pulled in many directions and like so many, just very distracted. I'm glad I brought it up!

Love Sustenance

Epiphanies happen at the Full Moon. Cancer and Capricorn (Sun) illumine the kind of intimacy that feels like family, and that takes many forms. It's about your home base, and those you reach out to, to feel a sense of belonging.

This Moon, nurture your close connections, and if you feel isolated, reach out. For me, it's friends and as this recent loss made me realize, it's about my beloved familiars. My closest friends were there when I needed them, including our little black kitten Baby Jim, whose purring is a healing frequency in the long dark of the night.

The Cancer side of the cardinal axis brings us into balance, with compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence. It's seeing the priceless value of deep care and acts of kindness. This instinct will grow wings in 2013, when Jupiter goes into Cancer. The tide will turn, and we're sure to see a breakdown of the social isolation that many live with.

Be alert to revelations in these Moonlit nights, of ways to drink in more love. There may be messages about what changes to make, for more organic love nourishment. It begins with self-love, and resisting the temptation to build calcified defenses, in such raw and chaotic times.

Cancer is a sign that finds strength in emotional sovereignty. And Capricorn is a sign of integrity, "walking the talk." When the Moon is full, the Sun is synched up with Pluto, for a vitalized purging and resettling. In the month of Capricorn, we find our center again, and our footing. As we dig deeper for what it takes to fulfill our potential, we come up against presumptions, conditioned responses, emotional baggage.

So pay attention to the feelings that circulate up to the surface. Look at survival fears, and practical ways to feel more secure.

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