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Eclipses in Astrology

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Eclipses in Astrology

Eclipses have always been gold-star days for those following the Sun and Moon as time-keepers. The Mayan calendar documents them all accurately from 3114 BCE to the solstice on December 21, 2012. They come in pairs about every six months, when the Moon is on the ecliptic, and aligned with the Sun. To find out where this year's eclipses are visible, check the NASA website.

Eclipses are part of the lunation cycle, coming at the New Moon (solar) and Full Moon (lunar). The new Moon/solar eclipse brings dramatic endings and beginnings. Sometimes power structures are eclipsed by new visionaries and ways of living; though the old may die hard, the significance of the moment is felt by all. In our lives, it can be a marker for significant events -- births, deaths, job loss, promotion, marriage, break-up, move across the country -- that re-orient us on the path.

In a lunar eclipse, the Earth's shadow blocks out the lunar light and we are in the Void. This too brings events that rock our world. Or it can open hidden places in the psyche, and alter completely how we see what's around us. Since the Earth energy is heightened, the lunar eclipse brings us into real time to deal with what's right there.

At the same time, the full Moon makes us all a little nutty and irrational. The combination can lead to impulsive acts that take on a life of their own. What's driven out of the shadows calls out for integration, and what's been dredged up takes awhile to resettle. If you're comfortable with change and high-speed growth, you might say, "bring it on." If you like things as they are, the disorientation may be disturbing to you.

Eclipses come in pairs, like a one-two punch. And sometimes they come in bunches....there can be up to seven in a year. Since their charge comes at the Moon's nodes (North Node and South Node), the events they bring can seem destined to happen. You get the most out of this upheaval by being aware of where in your chart these eclipses fall.

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