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Full Moon in Capricorn


Full Moon in Capricorn

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The Full Moon Capricorn (2012) is July 3rd, 2:52 pm (Eastern US). West Coast time is 11:52 am PDT. London/GMT is 6:52 pm. Find your time on the World Clock.

Other names for the July Full Moon: Mead Moon, Blessing Moon, Full Hay Moon, Lightning Moon, Full Thunder Moon (big storms). Also known as the Full Buck Moon, since it's when new antlers grow out on young bucks, with a coating of velvety fur.

When the Moon is full in Capricorn, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Cancer. Here's the Capricorn full Moon chart.

Critical Juncture!

A Capricorn Full Moon, with Sun in cardinal Cancer, forms a dramatic t-square to Uranus and Pluto. That makes it one of purging from the depths, and catalyst-type happenings or epiphanies. The Uranus-Pluto square engages the Cancer-Capricorn axis, to shake family and societal assumptions to the core. Repressed or denied "realities" are squeezed out of their hidey holes, and exhibited in (possibly) shocking ways. These shadow truths can also be expressed in inventive, courageous and taboo-busting ways, too.

The shake down is unsettling, but it ultimately frees each of us to bust out of the suffocating, "this is how things are done" norm. It liberates us to question everything, even givens at the very fabric of society. Those with planets in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn within orb of 8 degrees Capricorn will be cosmically hit most forcefully).

Surely this is a dark time spiritually in many ways. The shadow has a lot of power. That's why it's critical to redouble efforts to stay sane and keep eyes on the growing edge -- the life that's there to be regenerated. Being creative with your imagination is a way to triumph and transcend. This is a time to discover the innate genius that's being unearthed and triggered.

Stay Grounded

If something comes to a head at the Full Moon (which often happens!), give yourself a cooling off period before making major decisions. A Jupiter-Neptune square in play can mean seeing things as if in a fun-house mirror. One view can be taken for the whole story, and be blown out of proportion. The energies of this particular full Moon create a mood of urgency and impulse to act. Look for ways to release pent-up frustration, in ways that don't escalate an already tense astro atmosphere.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign, making it all about inventiveness, high impact, drive to initiate. Capricorn is an earth sign, with an emphasis on the tangible, stable, secure; it inspires resourcefulness, ambition, conservation and patience.

Full Moon in Capricorn: Deep embodiment, celebrating the sensual, the power of the rooted, investing in what's worthy, demonstrating mastery, dignity, enduring and worldly. Light shines on areas of life's work, mentoring, authority, legacy, lineage, natural law, maturation, traditions. This is serious moonlight for epiphanies about the most longed-for aspirations, which are often ones that take time and effort over many years.

This Full Moon illuminates: personal drive, realistic dreams, responsibilities, structure and order, financial dealings, relationship to authority, the power of authority in our lives, social hierarchies, the wisdom of nature.

It's a Good Time to Focus on: self-sufficiency, perseverance, the big dreams, cultural inheritance, financial matters, public image, taking control, personal authority, mastery of skills, getting credentials, strengthening the body (constitution), building real wealth.

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