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Leo Full Moon

That Special Glow


Leo Full Moon

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This year's Leo Full Moon is on January 26th (2013) at 11:38 pm EST. It falls on the Leo-Aquarius line at 7 degrees.

An Invitation and a Demand

Check out the Leo Full Moon Chart. I see here an invitation to a new freedom of self-expression. This chart has strong Uranian energies that stimulate what's original, the singular blueprint, and what pulls on your heart.

And yet, there is challenge from Saturn, with a square to both the Sun and Moon! What's crying out for healing, detox, regeneration? With Saturn in Scorpio, the poison is the cure -- and the wounds and raw material of the psychic potentially add to your sense of purpose. In a vortex of fixed signs Leo-Aquarius-Scorpio at the Full Moon, the path of freedom and self-confidence comes by way of freshening the waters.

The invitation is to the hero/heroine's life, with its sense of adventure and meeting many perils and foes, within and without. The demand is to be rigorously truthful, to take responsibility for your own inner life. The risks are high, and this Full Moon can be high drama. It's also a time for catharsis, a creative breakthrough and transforming the pain of the past, into your greatest treasure.

Other names for the January Full Moon: The Native Americans called it the Full Wolf Moon. In the coldest time of winter, wolf packs were heard howling hungrily around the villages. Also known as Hunger Moon, Old Moon, Moon After Yule, or Full Snow Moon.

When the Moon is full in Leo, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Aquarius .

Leo is a fixed sign, known for bringing an idea to fruition, perseverance, sustained effort. Leo is an fire sign that is bright, impulsive, enthusiastic.

Full Moon in Leo: emerging from family to reach potential; ambition; a strong will; extroversion; celebrations; radiating confidence; warmed from within; reveling in life's color; creative fires; play -- hobbies, games, everything that's just for fun.

This Full Moon illuminates: burning desires; urge to make a mark; artistic longings; the thrill of a romance; who has your heart; the pure play of children.

It's a Good Time to:

  • Celebrate, play, party with friends that encourage you to be your most over-the-top self.
  • Give the artist within a signal that you're "serious" about self-expression.
  • Get away from melodrama, by finding a medium through which to express life's grand drama.
  • Surround yourself with colors that lift your spirits.
  • Show some playful affection to a friend.
  • Kindle the romance in your life.
  • Take pride in your appearance.
  • Promote yourself and your ideas in a new way.

Source*: Farmer's Almanac

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