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Full Moon in Aries, October 3/4, 2009

Free to Be You and Me!


Full Moon in Aries, October 3/4, 2009

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This Full Moon is exact on October 4th at 2:10 am EDT. And here's the chart to show current planetary relationships.

This Full Moon is in riotous, virile Aries, bringing us a surge of fire. Go ahead and get full of yourself. It's an antidote to apathy and hopelessness. Aries energy rouses passions, and makes us believe we can begin again. It reminds us of our unique destiny. It kindles the desire to be the hero and save the world! Aries as the lunar impulse is spontaneous, aroused and ready to carpe diem. Go ahead and be a daring upstart!

At this time, you can feel the fear and do it anyway. Aries thrives on a mix of fear and excitement that comes from living at the edge of experience. It's a raw surge that can blow through some of the other elemental ways we stagnant, like handwringing with worry (water), overanalyzing (air) and heavy feet (earth). You want to be an active force, making the Full Moon time for ballsy leaps forward.

Since the Moon is full in Aries, that means the Sun is in Libra. The risks of self-expression you take now, are weighed against the needs of others. Both Aries and Libra are masculine, cardinal signs that hatch plans and push to see them come to fruition. The balance you seek now is how to take the right risks, not just for changes sake, but in service to a higher vision.

The turn of the season, with the Fall equinox and Sun in Libra, is a turn toward working with others in community. What's kindled in Aries may not be about seeking just your own beginning, but that of your neighbors, your country, the world. In her Full Moon report, Cathy Pagano writes, "The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 12 degrees Libra is: Miners are emerging from a deep well into the sunlight.

Within the womb of the Earth lie hidden treasures, both the jewels we adorn ourselves with and the elements that create and sustain much of our civilization. Symbolically, these treasures also represent the knowledge and wisdom that can create a civilization. They can be our dreams and visions, as well as our inventions. Those who have gone into the depths in search of wisdom must now learn to participate in the world’s work. We must be of service now to those who are still suffering or in darkness."

So this Full Moon in Aries is an invitation to be a visible presence, an active force for the kind of change that will create lasting harmony (Libra). It's a herald of things to come. That the days of being a passive spectator are drawing to a close. The Aries call is to step up to that destiny you know is shouting at you to follow, but provides no safety net. The Aries quest is everything, not knowing how it ends. It's the innocent belief that the journey takes you where you need to go.

In her book on 2012, Christine Page writes about the puer Aries archetype, which means innocent, youthful, naively open to life. Our inner guidance leads us to "candy" or "carrots" that are markers that induce us to get started. You might, for example, do as my friend did and fall in love and move to Hawaii, "only to fall out of love with the person and in love with the location." She writes, "In other words, it is not always important that the puer knows why or where he is traveling. What is important is that he agrees to the adventure."

Shaping the Future Together

The vitality of the Sun in Libra is in a trine to Jupiter (Aquarius) this Full Moon. This brightens the possibilities of using technology to weave new social webs. It favors experimental and innovative solutions to fix what's askew. We can tune in together to a higher frequency of compassion, humanitarianism, and respect for all life. Great leaps can happen because of the instantaneous 'net, turning the "Other" into the global community!

Stabilizing the Chaotic Energies of Change

We're stretched to adapt to the themes of collapse and breakdown, with solutions that work at the ground level. The theme is happening along the Virgo-Pisces axis with Uranus' strange jolts to the heart, in opposition to Saturn-Mercury-Venus in the practical mystic Virgo. This startling time requires us to sift through to find what's essential, and what's just dead weight. To heal and purge toxic attitudes that hold us back from opening to Uranian divine inspiration. The revolution this time is "spiritual" or mystical, and we can anchor that in the small choices we make day to day.

The heart skips a beat at this Full Moon in Aries, as we meet those that wake us up. Venus is opposite Uranus around this time, and breakthroughs in relationships are possible. It's a time when heart openings can be shocking, and unlock barriers that keep us from acting on our dreams. We come alive together, and get fired up for the adventure of living in this time of epic challenges. We can find our peeps, our tribe, the kindred spirits that form our community. And they might come in surprises packages that transcend labels.

Strong Tides

Mars is still making waves in cardinal water sign Cancer. This adds to the Full Moon drive to express what's authentically true and push into new ground. We can swim with more momentum, to get past self-pity and emoting with no purpose. The fierce love (Mars in Cancer) vibe is in a dam busting trine to Uranus, allowing for a purging of stagnant emotions. We can arrive at fresh waters, when we take the risk to be real, as my friend said yesterday. When it's done in the service of love, being emotionally truthful sharpens the colors, and makes longtime relationships new again.

Mars is the planet of doing, and the Full Moon is in action-hero Aries. Mars in Cancer wields emotional force, so you can feel you're heart is in what you're doing! It's a Full Moon to push through your own fears and resistance to being your most courageous self. When it's tied to the challenges of our time, there's no telling what one person can accomplish!

Go For It!

It's a Full Moon to come back to the concentrated atmosphere of the Self. And to give great focus to what makes you feel most alive. You can call on spirit for signs of how to re-animate your passion, if you've lost it. What is revealed at the Full Moon? What actions can you take that boost your sense of life as a quest?

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