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Gemini Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse, 2012

Freeing the Seeker


Gemini Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse, 2012

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Soul Messages

Exact November 28th at 9:43 am EST. This is the last of the Gemini eclipses that started in 2010 ( see eclipse dates). It's along the Gemini-Sagittarius line with the Moon at 06° Gemini 46' exactly.

An eclipse is a shake-up to what's been the norm. So this series, along the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity has instigated curiosity, questing, and a new normal. The norm, for seekers, is independent research, questioning the status quo and considering all angles, even the fringe, futuristic, ancient and unusual.

These eclipses in mutable signs have opened our minds. Is this true for you? Are you experiencing breakthroughs in perception that at times are unnerving and other times inspiring? This is a mercurial eclipse, once again inviting mental flexibility -- the psychic space to change your mind. This gives you freedom to make shifts, and align with the leading edge of your soul purpose.

Gemini's ruler Mercury went into Scorpio in retrograde at the last eclipse (November 13), and this has lead up to this event, just after Mercury is direct! The deepest layers of the psyche are giving up their treasures now. What will we glean from all this, in a time of great pressure to grow, adapt, rearrange the pieces?

The Full Moon and penumbral (partial) lunar eclipse are in a sign of scrambling the familiar into ingenious new forms - Gemini. The lunar instinct is for keen social observation and playing with reality. There is great space and freedom in that! It's in a complementary polarity to Sun Sagittarius, the sign of instinctive knowing. How does all this keep our spirits lifted in dark times? How does an open, alert mind serve a higher purpose, as we lighten up for the journey ahead.

See also Gemini Full Moon Themes: upgrade in consciousness; new fascinations; articulating your thoughts; finding the humor in a crazy time; overcoming writer/artist's block.

Personal Unveiling

In what ways will you be straddling two (or more) worlds at this eclipse? The house is the stage (life sphere) and any prominent planet is your eclipse ruler. Look here for possible previews for visions, with ideas that revive your faith in the future.

Scorpiocity in Motion

The energies of Scorpio and both its traditional ruler Mars and modern ruler Pluto are magnified at the eclipse. As you know, Mercury is in Scorpio, for super psychic powers, and open channels to being aware of -- and expressing -- desires. We're able to read a situation on many levels, and trace psychic responses back to their origins. And the saving grace, is the heightened intuition and encouragement to see the bigger picture -- with the Gemini-Sagittarius line illuminated.

The drive to make it real is charged to the max with Mars in an exact conjunction with Pluto (in cardinal earth Capricorn). This Mars-Pluto aspect is brooding, thoughtful and inspires quiet confidence, rather than impulsive flashy moves. Here at this objective air-fire eclipse, comes the will to climb your personal mountains.

You might find yourself daring to dream big, especially with goals that seem impossible. It's possible to follow possibilities out into the future, and begin by taking that first step.

There's even more personal power evoked, with the Venus-Saturn near alignment in Scorpio. The Venus-Saturn conjunction brings out a craving for deep satisfaction and worthy goals. These two pairings are sextile to eachother! This means it's a mutually enforcing matrix to organize your thoughts and set your aim. The longing is for substance, authenticity and true wealth.

If you're inspired, this collection of aspects brings the perseverance to stick with it, through the challenges. This is a great time to readjust your aim, with the full weight of personal will, focus, persistence and resourcefulness behind you!

Get Your Freq On

Remember the indigenous elders saying to slow down, when the world speeds up? There's a standing invitation to step out of the collective madness, and know the power of coming down to earth. What activities earth you the most?

Gemini is a wired sign and these intense undercurrents (mentioned above) can heighten anxiety for some. Is there a way to minimize the white noise? Gemini is tuned in to multiple frequencies -- which channels help you get your freq on, and which take you down roads to nowhere?

The cherry on top for this eclipse is Jupiter's send-off, with a conjunction hours after at 8:04 pm EST. Whatever we're ruminating on is aggrandized with Jupiter in Gemini and shot off in different directions. Can you see how vital it is to focus on what's wholesome, life-enhancing and inspired? This is a make or break send-off, as our choices -- what we choose to focus on -- will shape the path ahead. Choose wisely!

The protocol is for tonics, people and foods that calm you. Since this might have the feel of a dark Moon, rest and quiet clear the mind for those intuitive hits to come through. This set of eclipses (November 13 and 28) play out over time, many astrologers say six months. I hope it's all that for you, and more....

Addendum: Grounded and Soaring

The air sign of the Twins is one of shifting shape, and being unfazed by paradox. This Full Moon and eclipse has the potential to release much from the psyche -- like opening the lid of the fabled Pandora's box. Look for ways to play and find productive projects for all that quick mental energy that comes up. Great time to play games, make holiday gifts, tell stories, make a collage, be with friends, or rearrange your living space!

The Twins brings together duality, so we don't have to choose between intellect and imagination; being grounded and in observation mode (detached); spontaneity and strategic pre-planning. Be curious about your stream-of-consciousness. Integrate all the mania and any frustrations that come up with a daily health practice.

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