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Libra Full Moon, 2013

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Libra Full Moon, 2013

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Libra Full Moon is Exact on Wednesday, March 27th, at 5:27 am (Eastern US).

Most Intense of the Year

Susan Miller calls it a Monster Moon -- "tightly calibrated, a pressure point of the year." This Full Moon is unusually hot, with big squeeze-type angles to the provocative energies of Mars and Pluto. Being aware helps you to prepare!

The Libra Full Moon chart suggests things coming to a head. Full Moons are harvest time, and with Libra comes in the instincts of the Judge. There can be a great re-balancing, with brave acts that flip the story drastically. This is not a time to provoke an "enemy" or pull a power move -- it could backfire bigtime.

This could be the moment to overcome inertia. To bravely move with the energies of life, freedom, physical vitality and creative risks. It's a tipping point moment, of action, to forge ahead fully engaged in the moment.

Four planets in high-spirited Aries make the atmosphere crackle with excitement. And yet, there is a wild and erratic pulse, and it must be said, a forcefulness, or aggression (violence). Even the lover Venus is acting crazy and unstable, electrified by the jolting Uranus. M. Kelley Hunter writes on this, "Venus offers an active invitation to the new and different, as if saying, "Surprise me, delight me!"

Great and amazing strides are made, but only when we're aware of the need for timing, and to stay rooted in the real. Some rude awakenings happen now, especially if we've got blind spots to what's really going on.

Full Moons are about illumination, and what's revealed now helps us balance the surging urge to act, with the demand to deal with "what is." This is a testing time. Will we keep sight of our dreams, in the midst of great struggle? It's said we gain strength of character through adversity. And this then fuels our ability to take risks, and put the full weight of our being behind what we're doing.

It's also the astro weather of a relationship being tested -- how solid is it? What's been repressed or denied is confronted. This can be ultimately freeing, even if events happen that seem devastating in the short term. The specter of force/aggression/violence here makes it one to err on the side of caution for personal safety.

Goddess of Balance

The lunar peak is at 6º Libra 52′ -- so cardinals (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) around this 7 degree are wise to be alert. Libra is The Scales, and has mythic resonance with the Egyptians weighing of the heart on judgment day. The heart, which they considered a center of the soul, was measured against a feather of Ma'at, the goddess of truth and balance.

Energetically, this Full Moon can be like a cosmic judgment day, a harvest of sorts. Libra welcomes the other equinox of equal day and night (Fall), a time of reaping what's been sown. A sorry situation, something rotten at the core, can no longer be ignored. Inner passions and knowings surge to the fore, demanding expression. The future and life will win ultimately -- what needs to be put right for new growth to happen?

Libra is ruled by Venus, for valuing the feminine, and the higher promptings of our nature. The showdown can be to choose a path inspired by love -- in the face of great angst, chaos or risk -- or one that's driven by fear.

There could be dramatic experiences that quicken that process of birthing the new. The forces could serve it up as a break-up or other loss, or a great gain. There's also the promise of paradigms shattering, illustrated by the Tower Tarot card, so that there can be a fresh start. It harkens to that quote about how we need a mindset beyond the one that created what we have. This Full Moon is a catalyst for earth-shattering moments that wake us up to who we really are! And in the process, a new path of possibility is perceived -- with the illuminating sword of Libra.


Skyscript's Deborah Houlding looks at Libra myth, and notes that the Arabian names for two stars in the constellation "reveal an interesting reflection on the essence of balance." Houlding notes one translates to the price to be paid, and the other the price to be received.

This Full Moon, some can pay a heavy price for coasting ('resting on laurels'), and ignoring the need for change. Or there's a flash of what's possible -- a reward -- for taking the reins and asserting your will.

A question here is how much power you've claimed, as a sovereign being. What ingrained beliefs from society keep you from moving forward? It's time to detox any disease and tendency to play small or conform, and experiment with shining more brightly!

On the Bright Side

There are stunning mercurial aspects, to be able to see deeply and from many angles. If you find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation, ask for a miracle of altered thinking. The way forward is to be flexible and adapt quickly as your perception changes.

Jupiter (Gemini) is an instigator of curiosity. In times of stuckness or an ordeal, Jupiter is providing some comic relief, and new ways of seeing. Jupiter's trine to the Moon, and sextile to Aries planets urge us not to get bogged down by drama. It's an antidote to fatalistic viewpoints, to consider that there are many interpretations of what's happening.

Mercury itself (in Pisces) is in a close trine to Saturn (Scorpio), for deep reads on the undercurrents. This is a tonic for fear, as you can trace raw emotion back to its origins. An attitude of compassion is a light if you're walking through shadows. This draws our attention to core wounds or emotional pools we emerged from. In such deep depths, we're close to what's meaningful, and with that, the sense of mystery and the divine.

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