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Aquarius New Moon - Updated Jan 27th, 2014

Bright Star


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The Aquarius New Moon is on January 30th at 4:38 pm (Eastern US time).  According to Richard Nolle of AstroPro, it's one of five SuperMoons in 2014.  He's the one that coined that, for when the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth.

Though it's pitch dark at the New Moon, its pull is strong physically (with tides and our own waters) and symbolically.  It's the Dark Moon, when the star canopy above is most visible.  Aquarius whispers to go beyond, see into deep space....invite surprises.

Feast your eyes on this chart.

Going Beyond

Lately, I've sensed a change in the air, not unlike a pressure change when a weather system moves in.  Aquarian moments are like that, when you catch a current that's startling -- a flash of an unexpected future. 

Meet the moment with the alertness of this bright air sign.  The degree is 11 (rounded up) Aquarius, with Sun and Moon hitching up in a quickening sextile to Uranus (Aries).  My take is it's a time when the future is up in the air.  It could go either way -- a descent into something very dark for humanity -- or bursting spontaneously into something wholly new. 

The luminaries and this visionary moment, get a jolt from Uranus (Aries) to choose the courageous new.  We can see an outburst of ingenuity, that gains momentum in the Spring.  If you're wavering between the familiar but old-paradigm mindset, and moving with new currents as a pioneer -- this could be a turning point.

The cardinal T-square in the chart, is a blueprint for 2014, and a bookend to a similar lunation that started the year.  The mood is one of drawing from the deep past, with Venus and Pluto in tradition-minded Capricorn -- both facing off with Jupiter in Cancer.  What treasures can be ladled out from the deep well of memory, lineages, wisdom traditions.  What will make this home Earth, more homey, and a nourishing garden for life. 

Now is the time to clear away the space junk, and resolve lingering energy-knots, to free up space and energy.  

Beyond the Chaos

I was drawn to an article called The Undistorted Power of Attention by Soren Dreier.  It begins, "Our attention is the most powerful instrument we have: That’s why everybody wants it."  And later, "Lots of people are saying: My life is a mess.  What they really are saying is: I cant focus my attention. Because the minute they do, order will come into place."

This draws my mind to Aquarius' other ruler Saturn (order), and the power of the mind to fix in a reality that's got shape, and is based on humane ideals. 

So, go ahead and let old patterns swirl in the cosmic drain, in these last months before Spring.  The in-between is that landscape of creative chaos -- what will happen?  This lunation is one to experiment with the power of attention, and see what's possible....

The inspired world view comes alive, when its infused with vital energy.  By committing to your own disengagement from the hive mind, you become that trailblazer and light-holder for others.


The Waterbearer invites us to draw in a fresh wind of new energies -- where is your trapdoor to the cosmic?  See what's up with Aquarius New Moon in the Houses.


Lunar Imbolc

This New Moon is considered auspicious as a doorway to finer cosmic vibes. It's Lunar Imbolc, or Candlemas. It's time for idealism, and welcoming fine fresh vibes and possibilities. All is new, as the Sun grows stronger everyday, and we sense Spring just around the corner. At Imbolc, we light candles and ask for faith to see us through the last days of winter.

The New Moon is a time of beginnings. You can set intentions or do a New Moon Ritual that grows with the lunar light and reaches fruition at the Full Moon.

Aquarius is about shared energies, in groups, making this key for coming together in ritual. You'll want to be sure you're on the same wavelength, since group harmonics play an important role now. If you're not in synch with your current circle of friends and colleagues, go out and seek those that are an inspired match. This New Moon is about allies for the future, who are tuned in to the highest vision for the whole.

What's in the Air:

  • brainstorming innovations
  • emotional detachment, but with egalitarian attitude
  • global networking for causes, social change
  • meditations for peace
  • dignity of the individual
  • glamour and futurism
  • shocks to the status quo
  • united communities
  • ahead-of-its-time thinking
  • Thoughts are Things.


New Moon in Aquarius themes:

  • Upgrade the quality of your thoughts.
  • Hit the reset button of your mind.
  • Rising above polarizing left/right paradigms.
  • divination: divining the future.
  • Connecting with like minds, as part of "evolutionary" family.
  • Letting go of negative influences on your mind.
  • Freeing yourself from mind control.
  • Being your own guru, authority, wise one.
  • Contributing to the collective visioning process.


It's a Good Time to:

  • show appreciation to your colleagues
  • join an association, union, club, group or party circuit
  • develop a privacy barrier in your virtual life
  • meditation, pray, do yoga or any other focused moving art
  • fish around your imagination for a genius idea
  • break out of your mental boxes
  • Shake up your routine, to see life from new angles
  • make friends with someone eccentric
  • let your own freak flag fly
  • join with those creating the future you want to see
  • be a visionary
  • be a revolutionary
  • be free


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