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New Moon in Capricorn


New Moon in Capricorn

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The New Moon in Capricorn is on January 11th at 2:44 pm EST. A new Moon in Capricorn means the Sun is also in Capricorn .

The New Moon is a time of beginnings. You can set intentions or do a New Moon Ritual that grows with the lunar light and reaches fruition at the Full Moon.

Capricorn Cornucopia - First New Moon of 2013

Joining in with the Sun and Moon (the luminous luminaries), are Mercury, Venus and Pluto. All add their dimension, via the cardinal earth energies of Capricorn. Some super sized themes are authenticity, desire for security and dedication.

It's so potent for establishing a new standard that's in line with your conscience and sense of creative destiny. Here in the dark, we make a quiet but firm commitment to what matters most.

New Moon in Capricorn themes:

  • Reflection about career moves.
  • Deep rest.
  • Making tough decisions.
  • Considering structural changes (location, relationship, life's work).
  • Craving purpose and substance.
  • Shoring up the foundation.
  • Going over the finances.
  • Ancient earth and its lineages.
  • Tending to body structures.
  • Family karma and societal expectations.

It's a Good Time to:

  • map out a strategy; take yourself seriously
  • deal with your money (debt, budgeting)
  • make an important ally
  • talk to an elder or wise one
  • re-set your personal boundaries
  • Consider how to control, better channel your energies
  • be quietly productive
  • honor your ambitions
  • work toward mastery
  • become established in your field

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