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Pisces New Moon


Pisces New Moon

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The Pisces New Moon is on March 11th at 3:51 pm (Eastern US) with a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)of :51 pm. A brand new lunation in Pisces means the Sun is also in Pisces . The luminaries (Sun and Moon) meet at 21 Pisces this year (2013), so look to this degree in your chart. The house it falls in is your dark matter zone, where miracles happen. See your Pisces New Moon forecast by houses.


The Pisces New Moon chart absolutely supports thawing out of what binds us, resolving, integration and disintegration. Just look at how Saturn in Scorpio is the ballast for this turbulent, wavy ride.

Saturn draws you to what's weighty, emotionally substantial. And the trine to Saturn, and support from Pluto as well, allows for psychic heavy lifting. Whatever it is, you can face it! Retreat now, and take charge of your inner life, claim your power.

A wildcard here is Jupiter's square to Mercury (in retrograde). One interpretation is that encountering the fullness of life, with no stone left unturned, shatters paradigms. The flushing out of secrets and repressed feelings, impressions brings on the need to revise -- and the epiphanies open channels that feel "spiritual."

Also auspicious is the sextile (harmony) from the great sparker Uranus (Aries) to lucky Jupiter. The risks you take to step out into uncharted territory bring the reward of discovery. There is no map here, and you can be your own wise guide. This aspect seems to boldly state trust your own instincts and experiment.

Big Flush

You might ponder what's being awakened from the transit of Neptune Pisces in your natal house. That's the house where the sign Pisces resides, even if you have no significant planets or points there in the birth chart.

What's washing up on your psychic shoreline? It's a lunation for enchantment, romance and wild imaginings. And one that brings to your attention, what's been wrapped in a mystery. It can be a beginning, in an area that's been one of absolute befuddlement. And a time to let go of personae and masks that are mere covers for a more authentic self emerging.

Spiraling In

The New Moon is a time of beginnings. You can set intentions or do a New Moon Ritual that grows with the lunar light and reaches fruition at the Full Moon.

What's Happening:

  • inexplicable moods that bring mysteries to the surface
  • spiritual chaos
  • intense emotions
  • picking up vibes from others
  • feeling the oneness of all life
  • yearning for Spirit
  • soulful moments
  • being drawn to the sublime, tender, loving expressions of art
  • being overwhelmed
  • wanting to take the edge off with drugs, alcohol, passive pursuits
  • feelings of drifting
  • feeling water-logged
  • inspired dreams
  • tender touch
  • forgiveness, compassion

New Moon in Pisces themes:

  • Dealing with emotional and psychic chaos.
  • Seeing aspects of your life dissolve, and be revealed as illusion.
  • Seeing that you're an eternal being, having an experience.
  • Wrapping up loose ends, resolving karma.
  • Preparing for a spiritual rebirth.
  • Forgiving your enemies.
  • Coming to the aid of those who are suffering.
  • Mystical experiences, synchronicity.
  • Craving spiritual community.

It's a Good Time to:

  • meditate
  • let emotions drift on by like clouds
  • imagine and create
  • be quiet, go to be early
  • cut out the distracting noise
  • take a long cleansing bath
  • sit in the sauna/steamroom and tune in to spirit
  • spend time near or by the ocean
  • nurture heart ties
  • cultivate community at church or the yoga studio
  • stop talking and listen
  • go beyond words to symbols, images, music
  • expect a miracle
  • be born again

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