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New Moon in Pisces

Dreamtime Moon


New Moon in Pisces


The new Moon on Friday, March 7th at 12:14 pm EST, is in Pisces, a sign with sensitive feelers, and one attuned to subtle dimensions of experience. The Sun and Moon line up in Pisces, joined by the "Freshmaker" Uranus. What will our inner eye see? Surprise! A work of art, intimate moment or vision of beauty reaches in and changes us at a soul level. More than any other, this new Moon is about spiritual transformation, with Uranus adding its startling shock to the mix.

Coming after two unsetting eclipses, Pisces now lures us into the lunar void and the dark Moon, a time when the old dies so the new can be reborn. A Pisces atmosphere is best experienced with the crazy modern noise-makers turned off. Try to wind down in the days before the new Moon. Give yourself some time with nothing on the calendar. The Pisces moment calls for a release of tension, a softening of the face. That way you're in touch with the unraveled You that exists outside the daily grind.

The Sun is ending its journey around the Zodiac with Pisces. Just around the corner is the breakthrough feel of Aries, the sign that explodes us into Spring. With the Pisces new Moon, we're in the quiet before the dawn, and in a more contemplative mood. We're more able to grasp that the physical is just the tip of the iceberg, that we're spirits dressed in matter. It's easier to see the symbolic meaning of life, and the imagination seems so real you can almost touch it. A great time to coax out your own imaginative vision of life, and engage it through creativity in some way.

Pisces is a sign that sees through rose-colored glasses, and therefore carries a gentle optimism. There's an ability to have compassion without conditions. This new Moon gives us a glimpse beyond our usual judgements, to see others as doing the best they can. A good time to forgive old hurts, and soften to any wrongs that have made you resentful. Such a sensitive, feeling-the-pain-of-the-world sign calls for at least one good, cathartic cry -- for those trapped in war zones, for our planet and its creatures, for your own private losses.

It's a new Moon for romance in a pink light, when ego defenses are softened, and hearts more open to expressing feelings. You may see your dance with someone through the eyes of eternity, and serendipity could dictate how things play out. A tender show of emotions makes it possible to go deeper with the intimacy. Pisces reaches for the ideal, and in this atmosphere, you're able to see the beloved in the best light.

The standout presence of Aquarius (Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Chiron, N. Node) adds to the excitement of passing through to a new beginning. Uranus-ruled Aquarius shatters old glass ceilings, rising up and gaining a vast, detached perspective. This lends a clear vision, as you're releasing the old, and a radar for unexpected paths that open up. There's a sense of accelerated change in the air, and Aquarius planets help create new collective visions for the future. It also shows us where we fit in, and what personal goals serve the wider community.

With the new Moon making a harmonious sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn, some of these dreamy visions of Oneness, are likely to find their way into our real world. It's an invitation to integrate your spiritual life into the everyday. But it's also about the bigger shifting of institutions toward a more 'enlightened' vision. The planets in earth signs are pressing for structural change, and Pluto has just started its brutal breaking apart. What kind of reality will we create? This new Moon is an open window into possibilities for a different future. Pisces and Aquarius drop dreams based on an awareness of our collective humanity, and the spirit that exists in all matter. It's a lunation to dream up a new reality, for ourselves and the world.

Earlier that day, (March 7th, 4:12 am EST) there's a forbidding Mars-Pluto opposition that is a bit of a wild card just hours before the new Moon. Against the backdrop of this Aquarius-Pisces new consciousness, there could be blatant strongarming tactics, power plays and defending of the status quo. Willful displays that are part of the entrenched power structures only show us in bold relief what has to go. Any extreme events this week will be seen as the result of the worn-out old ways.

To sum up, this new Moon can be healing if we surrender to it with an open heart. Let it guide you beyond the stress or worldly distractions to something more timeless. Get intimate with yourself as a spirit journeying across time. Lose yourself in an act of the imagination. Linger in the quiet with someone you love. And be like a psychic sponge for all those healing energies coming down. Allow yourself to experience this new beginning.

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