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Pisces New Moon


Pisces New Moon

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The New Moon in Pisces is on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 2:35 pm Pacific and 5:35 pm EST. Time for London/GMT is 10:35 pm, and Sydney/Melbourne on Wednesday, February 22nd at 9:35 am. Find your local time.

Neptune's Cleansing

A soulful release and unraveling happens at this lunation, with the energies of oceanic Neptune leading the way. The Sun and Moon meet at 2 degrees Pisces, with Neptune nearby. It's truly a divine moment to surrender, when subtle currents soften and dissolve, what's been so seemingly rigid, unresolvable. It's a New Moon for miracles!

It comes in a year when the three biggies -- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto -- work on us and all of society, through soul deep transformation. In her book, Mysteries of the Dark Moon, Demetra George matches the three to breakup (Uranus), dissolution (Neptune) and renewal (Pluto). On Neptune, God of the Oceans, she writes it's the stage when "cleansing purification and healing occur."

She adds a bit later, "The secret gift of the second stage of transformation symbolized by the Sea God Neptune is that of compassion (a broken heart is an open heart). In order to receive it we must recognize that we can dissolve the artificial boundaries that perpetuate our sense of separateness and heal our fear of isolation by entering into the awareness of the interconnectedness of all that exists."

Soul Yearnings

Take time before the rush of Spring, for real intimacy with the soul at this Pisces New Moon. It's a special time for letting go, not passively, but with full awake engagement. In the days before, enter a dialogue with the soul, and signal that you're making clearing the space in every way. You might be compelled to clear the clutter, or wrap up loose ends.

It's possible to sense the presence of soul, and honor its messages (in dreams, epiphanies). Mercury in Pisces runs currents that tune us in to the mystical ways we're always communicating -- to each other and the pulse of life. Be alert to serendipity!

Pisces is a sign of extremes, taking us to ecstatic mystical highs, or nightmarish lows. It's a very impressionable time for all of us, with psychic boundaries thin and wispy. In these days of the New Moon and beyond, be wise about what you're exposed to. Listen to music that uplifts your soul, or choose movies/shows that enchant or inspire. It makes a huge difference.

Spiritual Immunity

At the New Moon, we find Chiron at 4 degrees Pisces. A strong intuitive sense I've had lately is the need to seriously boost spiritual immunity. And with Pisces so prominent, and coming out of the so-called Age of Pisces, it's immunity against parasitic entities and influences, that the Ancient gnostics called the Archons.

If we're evolving to be able to perceive other dimensions, we're apt to become aware of entities that assert power over, or assist us, from these unseen realms. This New Moon puts us in an atmosphere where we can perceive that there's more right here, in 3 D reality, than meets the eye. And we can cut ties to whatever keeps us locked in what's toxic to the spirit.

In her book on Chiron, Barbara Hand Clow writes of natives with Chiron Pisces, in connection to "demons, ghosts and astral invasion forces." She says the Chironic wound is about learning to clear the astral. I've definitely had experiences with all of what she calls, "sticky, grey, net-like interferences." Years ago, in a do-or-die situation, I had to learn to chase entities away, and clear my space. This seems a vital point for our time, and with all these planets in Pisces. It's a New Moon to declare soul sovereignty, and dissolve ties that hook you in to negativity, soul-degrading activities, relationships or programming. And this begins with establishing healthy personal boundaries.

This is a powerful time for energy work, like cord cutting rituals, and soul retrieval. A key to healing with Chiron Pisces is being aware of any forces of deliberate manipulation working in unseen realms. Use herbs like sage to clear your space. Frighten malingering energies out of corners with Tibetan bells, and sweep them out with the dust bunnies. Disengage from anything that feels like an unhealthy or soul-diminishing pull on your psyche. The New Moon re-set this month is complete when you've freshened up your psychic space.


In closing, it's a New Moon for daring to be as profound, compassionate, idealistic, etc, as you really are. A trine to Saturn (Libra) from Sun-Moon-Neptune is an invitation to find an alternative path, by giving form to your dreams. And to find release from karmic relationships, through forgiveness, and seeing from the other person's view. The form and attitude of forgiveness takes place in the dark, within your own psyche.

If you're discouraged or even distressed by the seeming uptick of chaos, find a refuge at the New Moon. Ask for healing energies to wash and purify you in your sleep. If those around you are stressed or demoralized, resolve to live with greater heart, purpose and joy.

To make a vow, or declare your devotion to a cause. To commit to your art. To refresh your altar. Calling in the full Zodiac, since Pisces includes all signs, go ahead and light a white candle (since white contains all the colors) and declare your intention. To make a New Moon collage, song, drawing, photograph or poem.

To do all you can to stay faithful, in this super challenging time for us all. To be forgiving of yourself and others. To be clear about your boundaries. To speak what you know, and act on subtle intuition. To allow the healing to happen.

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