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New Moon Ritual

Keep it Simple


New Moon Ritual

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What you need: a candle

A ritual is a symbolic gesture that backs up your intent. At the New Moon, we enter the unknown dark, so rich and mysterious. It's a powerful time to receive, and set intentions.

In the week before the New Moon, you can let it sit as a question in your mind, as you go about the day. See where it falls in your birth chart. What house? What planets does it engage with? This will bring out a stream of possible intentions.

What is the element of the Sun-Moon signs? Is this an element you'd like to activate more in your life?

Getting Clear:
  • Spend time resting and quieting the mind.
  • Hold it as a question before you go to bed; see if it comes up in dreams.
  • Notice where your attention goes.
  • Watch for synchronicity.
  • Divine an intent with your Tarot, angel or animal spirit cards.
  • Trust that it'll come.
The Gesture

Write down your intentions the day before the New Moon, or on the day itself. Suggestion: take a sharpie and write them on a 7-day candle. If you're inspired, put a few meaningful totems, pictures, herbs or stones around it that relate to your intention. Light it and be with your candle fully focused on your intention. Keep it on your desk, altar or mantle. Let it remind you and help you stay committed to your intention.

Your Allies

If it feels right, ask for aid from angels, animal guides, ancestors, light beings and your own higher self.

When no intentions come:

Think of the essence of what's come up. It might be as simple as, "more fire, water, earth or air." Or, the powerful act of surrendering to your highest good, and letting spirit do the rest.

Some affirmations:
  • I trust in the natural process of change, even if it takes me through the dark.
  • I let go of who I am, for who I am becoming.
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