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New Moon in Scorpio


New Moon in Scorpio

Here's the chart for the new Moon, exact on October 28th, 2008 at 7:14 pm EDT.

This new Moon in Scorpio is a chance to be turned inside out, to wrestle with the soul, to get to the vital core. What makes Scorpio so feared and admired, is the ability to see in the dark, and face down psychic dangers that others back away from. All emotion is the raw material for generating new life. What's dead or dying must be bravely lopped off -- a mercy killing -- so that life itself can be renewed. Scorpio gives us the courage to make tough decisions, and step out of an old skin that has become like an outer corpse. In this new Moon portal, the transformation is complete and total.

The new Moon, then, is an invitation to inhabit the dark places in the Self, in relationships, and the common ground where we create society. To fully dwell in it, in order to know it intimately. To discover what has a death grip on your spirit, keeping your growth stunted, making things stale and confining. The gift of Scorpio is getting to the heart of a matter. We hone in on the core truth of a situation that has worked on our psyches, that we know is not quite right. As we get closer to the raw dark power of what's going on, there is danger, but also the sense of possibility.

It's a relief to feel that you've finally reached deep enough to touch the plutonian seed within. What's released, with a potentially explosive charge, is the foundation for the new. To confront what entangles in power struggles, psychic addictions, destructive relationships, brings us closer to freeing from it. The Sun, Moon and Mars come together in Scorpio to push you through the near-death experience of being born anew. There's relief in not having to skirt around the edges, or listen to half-truths....this is the real thing.

The Scorpio new Moon draws us into the Void even further, but gives us the psychic eyes to see what normally lies in the shadows. The stellium in Scorpio concentrates that fierce focus, and could bring out essential truth that holds within it, the key to creating real change. It reminds me of the quote from American poet Henry David Thoreau, There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root. There's a turning point feel to this astrological moment, whereby what's dislodged from the depths of a corrupted system, could be brought to the light of day.

Mercury is direct in Libra, and at the new Moon, comes close to new territory. In retrograde, the Libra light ventured into reflective spaces. Now that Mercury is direct, the lens is clear and it's easier to see what's out-of-balance, unfair, unjust and just plain wrong. The scales have tipped in favor of truth in subtle ways, though we remain embedded in the status quo of falsehood, disparity, people getting away with (fill in the blank). Something has to give, for equilibrium to be restored.

Are we seeing the dark before the dawn? The planets and key points in Aquarius (Neptune, Chiron, N. Node) direct that urgent birth pain of change toward forward-thinking solutions. Leaps of logic take place, and ideas catch on at different places independently -- signs that we are tuned in, to a grid that exists as the canvass to our collective dreams. Getting leverage to upturn the old, which is a Scorpio speciality, can bring renewed hope that a more humane, compassionate world can be born from the effort.

The planets in expansive Sagittarius, Venus and Pluto, aid the visioning process. It gives us the ability to be bluntly observant, cut to the chase, and call 'em like we see 'em. The most insidious war is the one on consciousness. Whether accidental or planned (or a bit of both), we're often trapped in a culture that drains us of vitality, and keeps our focus reined in, on stuff that doesn't matter. Venus-Pluto in Sagittarius stand ready to drop inspiring threads to follow, ignite curiosity about the world. In the rich dark of the new Moon, we're nourished by fellow seekers, and able to cheer each other on, in this remarkable journey through change.

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