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This Full Moon Leo, 2011

Big Bang


This Full Moon Leo, 2011

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The Full Moon in Leo is on February 18th at 12:36 Pacific and 3:36 am EST. Time for London/GMT is 8:36 am, and Sydney/Melbourne at 7:36 pm. Find your local time.

Heart Surge

Everything about this Full Moon shouts drama and intensity! It can animate you, and compel you to act suddenly, in ways that fulfill your heart's desire. Leo rules the heart, creativity, big love, and joie de vivre. But there's also great potential for outbursts and temper flare-ups. Leo's ruler the Sun, is firing off large flares, which are in effect all week. This adds to the combustible, or shocking energies already in play.

The Full Moon is at 29 degrees Leo (the last, or anaretic degree). The Full Moon sense of culmination is amplified, as we wrap up the energies of Leo, in its opposition to Sun Aquarius, also in its last degree. The deck is stacked toward electrifying Aquarius, with Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun pulling on the Moon (and Heart.)

The stellium in Aquarius is made volatile and/or totally jazzed by the presence of Mars. Talk about stimulating! And yet, keep nearby Neptune in your sightlines, whose specialty is casting a glamour. This is a tricky atmosphere, since on-the-spot decisions can be miraculous, or made in a state of delusion. Keeping your wits about you, and listening to gut instincts saves the day.

Strange Energies from Space

The heavy presence of Aquarius, hints at cosmic energies drawn down to startle and awaken. Coinciding with the Full Moon is the rare solar activity, including an X-class Flare (Nasa), along with sustained lesser flares. Full Moons are a time for increased quakes and lunacy and solar activity also jars us out of balance physically, mentally and emotionally. We could see outbreaks of mental disturbance and confusion.

My sense is this is the X-factor for the Full Moon Leo, which is often one of high spirits and exuberance. This can be a Full Moon of breakthroughs. But it could bring extremely challenging and unusual moods. Take special care if you're already burnt out or overwhelmed. Look for ways to ground the energy, by walking, sitting or lying barefoot on the ground. Smoky Quartz is said to be a protective stone for radiation, or amethyst, which is a spiritual elevator.

On the Verge

Fire can be a searing purifying force, and with Jupiter Aries in square to Pluto, this is blazing a path for us to move through. There is no going back now, only forward. It's time to quickly adapt in the moment, to these changing planetary energies. This week, you could feel like you're bursting with more than you can handle. Breathe from the belly, go to your 'happy place,' and do all the things that make you feel better.

On the other hand, you could be raring to go, like many Aries Suns I've seen lately. Go with the power of the moment, act on your passion, be a wildly inspired genius creator. Either way, stay with your Heart, the cosmic stargate, and power center.

Also in Play
  • Venus square Saturn (Libra): resolution for deeply rooted relationship patterns, ancestral wounding, cathartic healing possible for family line, confrontation of societally-rooted injustice.
  • Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn: intensity around commitment, the foundation of your relationships, desire for shared longterm vision.
Other Leo-Aquarius Themes at the Full Moon:
  • Shining your light more brightly (talents, personality, spirit).
  • Merging your own dreams to that of the collective.
  • Expressing yourself emphatically, through art or conversation.
  • Finding creative collaborators.
  • Aligning with those that believe in you.
  • Dedicating your unique gifts to the uplifting of all beings.
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