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Capricorn New Moon


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Earthing the Astonishing New
Capricorn New Moon

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"To pry for hidden things, to smell out riches hidden in the veins of the earth -- these skills will come from you." Manilius, 1st Century

A New Moon in the super tenacious cardinal earth sign of Capricorn is at 10 degrees (57 minutes) -- rounded up to 11. Mercury forms a stellium (a clutch of planets) with the Sun-Moon at 12 Capricorn, and Pluto (11 degrees) and Venus (26 degrees) add to the constellation. The very best qualities of Capricorn rise now -- fierce perseverance, dedication to what matters, commonsense, strong character -- to root into the depths of your being.

Capricorn is a sign that finds its power by conserving energy.  So at the New Moon, you can feel yourself disengaging from what drains and is an empty distraction.  The call of the new is strong, and that means it's time to purge what's weighing you down.  There are trigger points in the chart that provoke this letting go, sometimes in unexpected ways.


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