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New Moon Visioning with Images


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Collages and Vision Boards
New Moon Visioning with Images

Molly Hall for About.com

The New Moon is a time to draw from the void, and coax dreams into reality. It's a time to think about what you're wanting to manifest. One way to make them real, is to work with images. Collages, and the new word for them, "vision boards," are useful ways of shaping your intentions.

Collage is a french word that means, "to glue," and it's considered both a high art form, and one that's accessible to those without traditional training. In other words, anyone can do it! The artist/astrologer Michelle Lessirard has a community of collagers working magic this way at each New Moon. Her particular way of approaching collage is called SoulCollage®, and you can find out all about this unique process at her site, New Moon Journal.

I've been making collages at the New Moon for many years now, and just follow an intuitive approach. With these steps, I've purposely kept it barebones to keep it simple and easy.

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