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Jupiter Cancer in the Houses


Jupiter Cancer in the Houses

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Jupiter Cancer

Possibilities: Growing in empathy and compassion. Women and mothers valued as way-showers. Nourishing the ties of family and cultivating friends-as-family. A refuge from the storm -- safe space to expand sensitivities. The emotional and the personal points the way.

Jupiter is in Cancer from June 25th 2013 to July 16th, 2014. Cancer is cardinal water, for strong waves of emotion, and engaging with life through the imagination.

This shows up in specifically in your Cancer house in the birth chart. Keep in mind, you might have the astrological sign Cancer across two houses, so read both if that's you.

Jupiter as an Ensemble Player

Jupiter supersizes what's already got momentum, and this means there's more -- often this translates to money flow, lucky breaks, a relief and sense of well-being. But Jupiter in Cancer can lead to going overboard, a nice nautical metaphor that suits this sign of the ocean. This is just one pecadillo of Jupiter.

As you consider Jupiter in transit, take note of other planets that will exaggerate or create tidal waves, with potential for too much of a good thing. Sioux Rose writes on Jupiter in Cancer (via Astro.com), creating a fuller picture with the rendezvous aspects with Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.

Rose writes, "...Each configures into the great cosmic clockworks. So while it's fair to say that Jupiter augurs luck, plenitude, and the fruits of positive thinking, it also holds its liabilities. The outer planets will act on those! Jupiter's weakness is reminiscent of the gambler who insists that the next hand will prove the winner."

I'm looking here at Jupiter (in Cancer) and the way it will expand the associations of the house. You'll want to look at the Jupiter transits, and put that into your own intuitive blender for more nuance.

Jupiter Cancer in the First House: (House of Aries and Mars) Being actively kind boosts your self-confidence. You inspire others by demonstrating compassion, especially for the vulnerable. Watch your love of rich foods, to avoid a big expansion around the middle. You're a comforting presence, to those in crisis. Others are unusually receptive to your nurturing ways, and this leads to expanded roles. You make a memorable first impression, at job interviews, or pitching your labors of love.

Jupiter Cancer in the Second House: (House of Taurus and Venus) This heralds prosperity, but more to the point -- a flow of resources and friendlies your way. Helpful allies are responsive, and even rally to protect you in some way. Your instincts lead you to what feels right, as you find seek to beautify, develop a craft, or cultivate investments. Your generosity peaks, for pooling resources toward a shared vision. Your drive to feel secure has you busy preparing for a rainy day, and developing mutually beneficial networks. Jupiter shows you how to weave a web, for a sense of kinship -- and practical support -- through challenging times.

Jupiter Cancer in the Third House: (House of Gemini and Mercury) Your poetic imagination is prolific with Jupiter here. Be alert to the pitfalls of oversharing with your friend network. You can e especially generous and help others nurture ideas. Your thoughtfulness extends to sharing information that's a match for a person's mood. Short trips over water could bring a fresh outlook. The daily exchanges with neighbors, cashiers and other passers-by can e especially warm and meaningful.

Jupiter Cancer in the Fourth House: (House of Cancer and the Moon) Your home has a special charge, and there can be some kind of expansion. Home renovation or opening up the space by tearing down walls, comes to mind. You might expand socially, and invite friends and family for meaningful happenings. A house guest -- besides Jupiter -- comes to stay, and widens your horizons. It's time to make your home cozier, and add reminders of special moments and people.

Jupiter Cancer in the Fifth House: (House of Leo and the Sun) It's time to express yourself, in your favorite medium -- or experiment with new ones! Your creativity becomes central, to feeling optimistic about the future. You are in line for financial backing, especially by those who are moved by your life story and labors of love. You can be captivating, in any performance, from telling jokes to giving presentations. Your ability to touch emotions, by sharing your journey, wins an enthusiastic response.

Jupiter Cancer in the Sixth House: (House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) There's luck in your "job" sector, for making changes that are more in synch with your true sensitivity. You grow and are more productive, when looking at what brings on overwhelm. This transit boosts health, and you're able to see the direct link between emotional and physical health. A trip to renew your body, mind and spirit is very rewarding. Colleagues and clients are especially receptive, and you might find you share more of your "real self" -- vulnerabilities and all -- in your work place.

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