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Neptune in Pisces



Neptune in Pisces

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Neptune is in the sign it rules, Pisces, from April 4 to August 4th, 2011 AND Feb 3, 2012 to Jan 27, 2026. The archetype of Neptune, as one of unveiling, merging, mesmerizing, heightens the sense of life as a dream. It initiates a fluid time, of understanding our role to play as souls, and slipping out of limiting masks and beliefs, in favor of more inclusive ones.

Themes: end of time (as we know it), multi-dimensionality, spiritual devotion, first-hand connection to God/Goddess, miracles of healing, forgiveness, telepathy, remote viewing, actively dreaming the future, parallel realities, changing the present, by changing the past, higher states of consciousness, third-eye, soul contracts, unity consciousness.

Fascinations: healing wounds of time, unveilings (apocalypse), perceiving dimensions, life as dream or nightmare, love across time, the Feminine, reconciliation, profound healing, artistic renaissance, immense power of the imagination, the tyranny of belief, subtle energies, stargates, time travel, galactic family, color and sound, mythos, mysticism.

Fanaticisms: Cults, subliminal messages, political stagecraft, masked or stolen identities, grand deception, faked news, masters of illusion, savior or destroyer, victims and victimizers.

Neptune is one of the transpersonal planets, that is a big player in the longer human story. We find it in our lives, where we meet the mystery and a sense of oneness. It's messages are delivered on the big screen (cinema), art, music, symbols we see everyday, in mass hysteria or ecstasy, or shared experiences that border on the supernatural.

Neptune is in its own sign Pisces relatively briefly in 2011 (April 4 to August 4), giving us a taste of what's to come with this long transit. Neptune will go back into Pisces from February 3, 2012 to January 27th, 2026. We'll all be swimming in the Neptunian depths for a long time.

Urge to Merge

Neptune is completing a cycle in Pisces, with all that's been swirling across time rising and returning to the ocean of consciousness. We become more aware of the timeless soul, and the multi-dimensional nature of reality.

Neptune dissolves, so much can be healed, like past historic traumas and victimizations. From the most forsaken lows to euphoric highs, Neptune's higher wisdom helps us move through and evolve.

Pisces is a sign of compassion, empathy, and excluding no person or living thing outside the web of life. This can be a time of great changes of heart, where enemies become friends, and we come to the aid of the suffering.

We search for higher love, that's right for the soul's purpose. It can be a time of updating soul contracts of all kinds.

Sans Frontiers

The boundaries between us are more permeable, with Neptune in Pisces. This makes it easier to empathize, though at times we may feel we're aching for the whole world. The experience of oneness in crisis, or bliss, is a wave that can transform what's been built up over centuries.

It's a time to be aware of interdimensional influences, and possibly begin seeing what was not visible before. And experiencing the shimmering energy in matter, and the soul in nature.

The physicist David Bohm said, "all matter is frozen light." And during this transit, there can be unexplained events, apparitions, disappearances, where what was seemingly solid dissolves. At the same time, this transit brings in curious events of bleed-through from other times, seeing structures from other eras, discovering underwater civilizations.

Big Love

Neptune's evolutionary current is a stretching to accept everything as part of life, both light and shadow. Just when we think we've hit a wall with what we can forgive, a higher force shows us how to embrace more, and love more unconditionally. We will see acts of selflessness in service to love that bring tears to the eyes.

There was a global hush after September 11th, with the spirit of empathy and awareness of humanity's oneness palpably felt for days. Look for more times like that on a small and grand scale, where the silence is full, and the sense of union enough to evoke a sense of real awe and wonder.

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