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Aries Horoscope 2014


Aries Horoscope 2014

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Intoxicated Aries

Many of you continue to be under the influence of wild genius Uranus in 2014 -- those with 8 to 16 degree Suns get a direct hit.  This means there are jolts to your sense of Self -- even you might be surprised at who you're becoming!   And yet, perhaps you're sensing you were made for these times...

How you handle such restless Uranian energies depends on how you manage your fire.  Some of your sign's mad traits, like being unintentionally harsh or unaware of others, get you in trouble when you act on impulse.  But that creative fire is what makes you a do-er, and not just a dreamer.  In 2014, you'll continue to ride those Uranian shockwaves, while somehow staying planted on terra firma.     

The stakes may seem high at times.  That's because you're held to a high standard of integrity, in these years when Uranus is square to Pluto.  At times, your fiery launches will backfire, most notably when you don't also lay the groundwork.  That means establishing relationships of trust, and being realistic about your skills and resources.  When you persevere, and show diligence, gain some mastery of your craft, you make solid steps...with some surprise lurches forward.

It's not easy to stay grounded, when you're on fire!  But the more you settle, and stay aware of facts on the ground, the more you hit the mark.  It's a matter of being tuned in to what's in a state of natural decay (that's the Pluto side of the story), and what's stable enough to build on.  Sometimes that's not clear, and there's even more breakdown...before the breakthrough.

Bottom line -- you continue to be influential in your sphere and beyond.  Your ability to begin again, again and again, wins admirers.  You're at your best when you encourage others to believe in themselves, too. 

You become a respected leader, when your high spirits are combined with awareness of your surroundings, and the presence of others.  These few years show you through trial and error, the best way to advance your interests.  With Pluto in Capricorn so prominent, that can often mean you win others by demonstrating your capabilities, talents, knowledge. 

Mars in Libra

Your ruler Mars is taking a stand in the sign opposite yours, for much of 2014 (to July 25th).  This will test your spirit of cooperation, when your natural instincts are....to compete!  Is there room for compromise in this situation or that one?  Mars Libra puts more emphasis on striking that balance with another, than in one-upping them.   

You could find it a worthwhile challenge though, to spar with another, in healthy debate.  All kinds of conversations could be vigorous, and that suits your temperament.  One pattern you might detect, is that this Mars is round-about, some say manipulative, with a tendency to steer another with charm.  Your direct style is in sharp contrast, but could be a necessary voice, if there is too much subterfuge. 

Your ability to call a spade, a spade, could derail a convoluted attempt by another to get what they want.  At other times, it'll be wise to let people learn from their own mistakes.  With this charge around Libra, you have a chance to get better at relating through your ruling planet.  You can see yourself as others see you -- the gift of objectivity.  With more self-awareness, you play well with others, knowing when to act and when to respond.

Lucky Jupiter

Jupiter in cardinal water Cancer reminds you to splash water on your face, and invest in Home.  Your life grows richer, as you cultivate meaningful moods and moments, and open your heart.

At mid-year, Jupiter has a surprise plot twist for you, with a move into fire sign Leo (July 16th).  Your Sun has an ally in fixed fire, to see a creative project through all its stages (not just the thrilling beginning).  And ultimately, it makes 2014 a year for you to develop your original, self-sourced ideas and style even further. 

Read more about Jupiter in Leo (July 16th 2014 to August 12th 2015).

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