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Capricorn Horoscope for 2014

What's Underneath


Capricorn Horoscope for 2014

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Capricorn Constellation

A very Capricorn New Year rings in 2014, a hopeful start, and for a change, some good timing for resolutions.  It's a Capricorn New Moon on January 1st, with five planets total in your sign!  The cosmic bundle includes the luminaries Sun and Moon; a reflective Venus in retrograde, Mercury and Pluto. 

When planetary energies back your Sun sign, you are in your element (earth).  And since the Sun represents your central purpose, it's an ideal start of 2014, for organic growth.  You're digging deep for reserves of energy, but are hit also at times with a surprise second wind.  Venus lures you to the people and states of mind that generate well-being.  You could be drawing on the past, with Venus in retrograde, to recover what has meaning, and what's still your true love.  This is super for visioning, as you set goals for the year ahead.  

Many of you Seagoats are being severely tested, with major life shake-ups and set-backs.  At the same time, the deadwood is being burned off, and you're shaking off what's calcified in your being.  You suffer more if you hold on to what's out of sync. 

It's possible some of your losses have felt like public humiliations -- or you could feel a loss of status in some way.  This is hard on you, and you might have bouts with that old familiar...melancholy.  It can be part of your way, to go through it (depression) and not around.  Your tenacious nature though, can't be kept down for long. 

That mix of endings and beginnings continues for those in the Uranus-Pluto zone (Capricorns around 8 to 16 degrees).  Look past the usual associations of Capricorn, for what's underneath -- what's ancient, timeless, enduring.  The undulations and earth changes are shaking us free from what's a temporal overlay. 

You find your new beginning in fertile ground, after the concrete has been broken up -- and the earth has a chance to breathe again.  The future is one of more freedom, to take creative risks and believe in your ability to pick yourself up, and begin again.

Happy Home

Another freeing angle to 2014 is lucky Jupiter's traipse to mid-year in Cancer.  This sign is your polar opposite, and your own instinct to reach out to others, instead of going it alone.  You pride yourself on being self-reliant, but Jupiter shows the value of cultivating mutually nourishing ties. 

  The path of growth here, is to (re) discover Home, and invest your time there.  It's also an expansion of your imaginative life, that has its roots in your origins, your primal waters.  You could find it rewarding to discover the family tree, or plan a trip to see a long-lost family member or friend.  

And this is an invite to come home, to circles where you belong.  It could be fostering more of a neighborhood feel where you live.  Or getting into genealogy or the sense of place, where you live.  If you've felt isolated, Jupiter urges coming together and making new friends, some of whom could end up feeling like family.

Jupiter lightens up in Leo starting July 16th, for color and inspiration to follow the heart.  The high spirits are contagious, and I foresee you getting swept up in the festive mood on a regular basis.

Hot Mars

One note of caution -- keep a check on Mars, who happens to be in Libra for eight months in 2014.  This is a sideways (hard) angle to your Sun, so be alert to the possibility of unintentionally getting a rise out of others. 

This is a challenge to refine your skills in diplomacy, even when you're the boss (as Capricorns often are).  It can be illuminating, to observe how others react, and to consider your own way of expressing power.  Mars is in Libra to July 25th, and could favor one-on-one collaborations.  There could also be some spice in your love life, since there's extra tension that seeks release.


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