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Leo Horoscope for 2014


Leo Horoscope for 2014

Mostly Sunny 

The bright side of 2014 for you, is that lucky Jupiter bursts into your sign on July 17th.  You're in your element (fire), since Jupiter loads the gift basket with riches, flourishing creatively and surprises -- of the good kind. 

Jupiter will be conspiring, to set up golden opportunities -- growth, serendipity, travel, a big career move.  And you'll have the sponsorship of benevolent Jupiter to August 12, 2015.  Since your Sun is your central purpose, a year with Jupiter illuminates the most promising path. 

Your sign Leo is ruled by the Sun, and is synonymous with the peak of Summer, when fruit is ripening to its peak on the vine.  Jupiter is lined up to drop signs through synchronicity and "random" meetings.  And these can be trusted, as your vision for the future brightens and widens.  It's to do with what will help you bring your gifts to their full fruition.  And it's also about aligning -- or re-aligning -- with what you absolutely love.  

So if I may make a suggestion to your Highness as your court astrologer  -- spend the first part of 2014 preparing yourself for the lucky streak in the second half.  Like brushing up on your skills, or adding new ones to your repertoire.  Get the jump on Jupiter by being prepared for your kismet to come. 

When Jupiter is in your Sun sign, you're at the peak of your creative power.  You could see an expansion of your family -- with a birth or love affair that brings step-children.  You might get enthusiastic about travel, and find support (allies and resources) when it dovetails with your central purpose (Sun). 

The effects of what you radiate outward is aggrandized.  So beam out your finest Leo qualities of generosity, courage and a flair for drama. 

Read more about Jupiter in Leo (July 16th 2014 to August 12th, 2015).

The Artful Edge

Mars is an ally to get clear and be ready to act on opportunities.  Mars is in Libra, a sextile (lighter trine) to your Leo Sun -- this has an effect on your overall vitality and charisma.  You know how to naturally win others over, and with this Mars, it could favor collaboration or new business partnerships. 

There's also a vigorous charge in the area of your personal style and impact.  You could be inspired to revitalize your look, or the way you promote yourself.  When we're talking a lot of heat in Libra, that's to do with the "other."  But sometimes that means your audience, or the world at large.  

Having this a hot topic, and in a friendly angle to your Leo, could bring you more attention.  It's a good time to launch a proposal, but not when Mars is retrograde (March 1st to 19th, 2014).  The retrograde is a good time to review your work, edit or refine.

But there can be too much of a good thing, if your focus is too centered on the response, admiration or lack of it, that comes from others.  You'll want to watch out for overreacting to the way your public image is perceived.  It's really a mirror of how you feel about yourself.  And there are other cosmic forces that support the unfolding of your authentic power and self-admiration.  

Light in the Tunnel

There is a shift ahead for you Leo -- a lightening up -- as both Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (structures, stability, consolidation) move from water to fire.  Jupiter leads the way, then Saturn at the end of 2014 (Dec 24th) moves into friendly Sagittarius.

But hold on, in 2013, that means Saturn makes a squeeze-type angle to your Sun, especially the later degree Leos (16 degrees and on) at some point.  This puts you in soul searching mode, as low level irritations turn into full-blown things HAVE to change problems.  But with Saturn in deep plunger Scorpio, you WILL get to the bottom of it, and resolve deep-seated issues.

The silver lining is knowing your true needs, and passing out the necessary ultimatums.  Saturn continues to make this a year of psychological house-cleaning. 

Such a purge clears the way for new love and good friendships, that are not based on old patterns and the re-playing dramas.  There could be dramatic change, but you're ready, when Jupiter clears the way at mid-year. 


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