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Pisces Horoscope for 2014

Synchronized Swimming


Pisces Horoscope for 2014

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Touched by Neptune

Your sign Pisces is being haunted – and spiritualized – by the planet of the eternal return.  Those Pisces with Sun in the 3 to 7 degree range are especially under the influence.  Neptune is Pisces’ ruler, so what’s in your orbit is the presence of a greater tide, current or imagination wave. 

You already swim in the opposing currents, as a Pisces, born under the sign of the Fishes.  Neptune in Pisces has a cultural impact, since it’s an outer, ‘transpersonal’ planet.  What’s swirling in areas ruled by Neptune are beyond the personal – and that’s where you dwell also.

So consider yourself an ambassador of the vast unseen, as one who perceives the greater mass below the iceberg at the surface.  In your creative life, you draw up from the depths, what’s in the greater ocean that we all swim in.  Your intuitive-imaginative Catch-of-the-Day is potentially a healing tonic for all of us.

With Neptune in your sign, you sense the currents of the collective, both the finer, angelic-type waves, and the unacknowledged shadow.  On the two fish swimming in opposite directions -- “demonism and creativity” – C.G. Jung had this to say:

“Nothing in the human psyche is more destructive than unrealized, unconscious creative impulses… When it is a question of a mass psychosis, nothing but new, creative conceptions, brought up from the depth, can stop the development toward a catastrophe.” 

When seen in that light, your talent for deep sea diving, can save the world…

What will you do with this gift?  The rest of your chart has hints to your purpose, with Pisces as an organizing “Sun” radiating out. 

Friends and Allies

If you were lost at sea at times this past year, you’re setting sail in 2014 with more trust in your navigational tools.  You likely noticed many around you were experiencing personal flood waters rising, too. 

The two heavies Saturn and Pluto are allies again in 2013, with friendly angles to your Sun.  That means you’ve got the backing of Saturn (in Scorpio), to identify what’s packed with potential and energy. 

Scorpio is a fixed sign, to your mutable (Pisces) -- both in the compatible element of water -- Scorpio's fixated nature is good for sustaining emotional focus.  You can obsess on a theme, or track a longtime fascination or mystery.  This builds your confidence that you can bring your impressions to form.  And here’s the paradox, or two fish swimming in opposite directions:  A big theme could be letting go of the earthly form (coming to terms with mortality), or slipping out of outer garments that no longer fit.    

To put it simply, you become adept in the art of surrender, and inspire others, in the process.  There are seemingly contradictory forces, but they are both driving forces and a key to being a powerful Pisces in 2014.  To actively drive the transformation process, and Know Yourself, in the act of letting go of “Self.”  And to know when a stronger, more universal force is present, and all that’s needed is to go with the flow. 

Your presence is a light in a dark time, for those fighting their own private demons, or experiencing a transition that feels like “dying.”  You may also literally be there, at the threshold of life and death, in the year ahead. 


To complete the love triangle to your Sun, there’s Jupiter in Cancer to mid-year (July 17th).  Later degree Pisces get the embarrassment of riches in 2014, with surprise gifts from the women in your life, family and emotional lineage.   

One way this can manifest is, the unexpected creation of a Home, or homey feeling.  You make the most of this, by considering your sense of place – what’s needed to make it a place to refill the well? 

There can be journeys to or on the ocean, or to visit old friends or family.  This further bolsters the mission suggested above, to mine your own (and the collective) depths, for what will heal a wounded world. 

At mid-year Jupiter spontaneously erupts into Leo, a sign that stokes your creative fires.  Your love of play and theatrics is drawn out and matched, as a prevailing vibe “out there.”

 Jupiter’s year in Leo can augur more public shows, and the artful sharing of your wisdom.  It’s also a sunny forecast for fun new friendships, travel plans and quite possibly, a grand love affair. 


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