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When Venus is in Capricorn

The Real Thing


When Venus is in Capricorn

Sistine Chapel, Detail (Sophia), Rome

When Venus is in Capricorn


Note for 2013 & 2014:  Wow!  Venus stays in Capricorn to March 5th 2014.  It's extended because Venus will retrograde from December 21st to January 31st.  This gives us time to review our social and love lives -- friendships will be tested for quality and durability. 

What's Enduring Has Value

When Venus is in Capricorn, there is pleasure in sharing the wisdom we've attained -- and skills we've cultivated -- with the wider world.  Venus relates to values, the desired social milieu and what attracts.

Venus here arouses an attraction for the timeless, committed relationships, tradition, the accomplished and those with an active concern or the larger human family.  Capricorn is Saturn ruled, so there can be a serious overtone to love and friendship.  Far from being a drag, this can be calming, and a settling down.  There can be demonstrations of commitment, that stabilize things, and generate well-being.

After the traveling and philosophizing of Venus in Sagittarius, it's time to walk the talk, and demonstrate the earthy, cardinal qualities of Capricorn.  Sometimes it seems a cardinal (initiating) Venus behaves a bit like Mars.  And Capricorn is a sign that's fully here in the material (earth), so there's extra motivation to see tangible results. 

So, when Venus is in Capricorn, there's a commitment to moving mountains, and deep satisfaction when there is real progress.  One treasured trait Venus brings out, is the ability to earth our dreams.  Be alert then, to messages and friends (or mentors) that show you the way to fulfilling a dream step-by-step.

Someone with Venus in Capricorn has their heart set on enduring love.  He or she may seem traditional, in the sense that they are commitment-minded.  What's attractive is the beloved's confidence, and ability to take charge.  There is an allure to authority.  Though it's worth mentioning that the word, author, has one definition of ..."originator or creator."

There is with Venus Capricorn, a generosity of spirit -- to put that formidable creative energy to work or the greater web of life.


Sophia - Wisdom Goddess

In looking for a goddess for Venus in Capricorn, Jamie Walters of Sophia's Children suggested her site's honored one.  Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom, and Jamie writes that we can connect with deep wisdom and bring it through us, "into our relationships, our work and our world."

Sometimes Capricorn gets painted as intensely ambitious -- in haute Capricorn, this is a desire to make a real contribution. There is patience, and this being a feminine (receptive) sign wisdom to know when to act and when to magnetize what's desired.  With Venus Capricorn, the creative gifts benefit from this sign's practical (magical) attitude.

In Sophia, we connect to that something larger, and invite assistance to find traction or our life's work.  In an article called Our Divine Gifts from Sophia Jamie writes, "Sophia, in the Way of the Feminine, guides us step by step, helping us to live into the questions and experience and understanding of the answers. That's the essence of gnosis."

The Satisfying Real Thing

More from Jamie Walters: 

"In the story of the Goddess Sophia, and interpretations of the teachings of the Sophian Mystery Schools, human beings were endowed with certain Divine gifts through which we might unfold and express our Divine potential. The gifts of the Feminine, we might say.

The Sophia story also tells us of certain impediments to consciously recognizing and using our Divine gifts -- the ways these gifts get co-opted, so we end up chasing ultimately unsatisfying simulations rather than the truly satisfying real thing."

What's Possible?

In Venus in Capricorn, we get past the curiously masculinized impressions of this feminine sign.  It's a time to entertain possibilities of a more earth and human-friendly set-up. 

 "Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.  On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing." (Arundhati Roy)

Venus in this sign tends to ruminate on the big questions of life, and then digs in with patience and full presence.  The Capricorn way of being totally invested in what's happening now, guides in Venus to meaningful new friendships.  These can have the marked sense of there being work to do together.

A new attraction could have a karmic feel, and with that comes a sense of duty and shared purpose.  We see with this Venus a revival of timeless values -- and the commitment to the "work" of love, along with its play, for a love that lasts.

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