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February 2013 Forecast

Big and Little Miracles


February 2013 Forecast

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Divine (Love) Timing

Starting neatly on February 1st, Venus and Mars change dance partners. This month, Mars is from Neptune and Venus is from Uranus (smirk and eyeroll)!

The love current for Venus in Uranus' sign Aquarius favors a friendship vibe, with a respectful psychic space cushion. This is a breather for relationships, and the allure is to the wild card, odd and original characters. In friendships, we value the freedom to experiment, evolve, behave in new, unexpected ways.

Venus is in Aquarius to the 25th, when she slips into Pisces. Ideal for get-togethers with co-conspirators, to dream up something new or collaborate on a work-in-progress. The friend list grows exponentially, and magic happens when you connect across cultures, races, mindsets, etc.

In matters of mojo and momentum, Mars moves with the oh-so-subtle currents of Pisces all of February. Mars Pisces is supreme for acting on divine inspiration, a psychic hit, or strong emotional pull. It's a very sensual time, with Mars glancing off both Neptune (Feb 4th) and Mercury (Feb 8th) in the lead-up to Valentine's Day. When exquisite feelings are revealed between lovers, it opens the heart. Spontaneous acts of kindness are sure to happen! That makes this an especially romantic Valentines, when intimacy is deepened.

And yet, with Venus in Aquarius, every kind of love is honored. The closeness of the romantic friendship, is one expression. The supremacy of love, even in dark times, surfaces to dissolve old grudges and resentments. February is a month for miracles, releasing the past and coming to astonishing realizations about our closest ties.

Mercury Retro Alert, (Feb 23rd)

There's a real Neptunian flavor to February, and that suits the month that celebrates romantic love. Mercury moves into mutable water sign Pisces (ruled by Neptune) on February 5th (9:55 am EST). The retrograde begins on February 23rd (4:41 am EST, at 20 degrees Pisces. Mercury will spiral back to 6 degrees Pisces, until March 17th. The shadow period lasts to April 7th, when Mercury begins moving across 20 Pisces, and into fresh mindscapes again.

Mercury Pisces in retro schools us that things are not always as they seem, or as the Beatles sang, "Nothing is real." I predict more unveiling of deceptions on the micro and macro levels. And by the end, more clarity about the illusions/delusions we labor under. The dissolves of Neptune show what's beyond, and that love is real.

High time for works of the imagination (music, poetry, visual arts, performance, storytelling). This Mercury retrograde also favors lucid dreaming, dream meet-ups with loved ones or an ex lover or friend, mystical breakthroughs.

Aquarius New Moon, Feb 10th

A Venus match up takes this New Moon to blissful heights. There's a going further vibe, and reaching for what's beyond. It's a lunation wired with the jolt of new currents. A key to opening to fresh air is to be curious, keep your doors of perception open.

The heightened buzz involves Jupiter (Gemini), so being open to novel currents leads to surprises. The fixed and concrete, gives way to free association, and a very stimulating atmosphere for seeing into the future. The protocol at the New Moon is for rest and contemplation, and yet the mind this night is traveling! See what passes your mindstream, catch ideas, break out of stifling paradigms!

Sun into Pisces, Feb 18

So begins the month of enchantment, when it's seemingly possible to see the waves that make up matter. I tend to notice more serendipity, these messages that signal an alert rapport with the workings of the universe. Sun Pisces month heightens emotional intelligence, where subtle knowings hold the answers, or perhaps more questions.

Saturn (Scorpio) retrograde, Feb 18th

Saturn cycles back (to our eyes), to July 8th, in the sign of Scorpio. This can be a time of going underground with plans, and taking another, deeper look. It favors investigations, research and containing energies to build power. There could be a redefining of boundaries of all kinds -- from financial, to psychic, physical or sexual.

Look to the house Saturn is transiting, for what's being thoroughly tested for soundness by Scorpiocity.

Virgo Full Moon, February 25th

A doozie day is the Virgo Full Moon (Feb 25th), with Mercury Rx conjuncting Mars in Pisces. The Full Moon and Mars factor makes it a nervous one, so seek out what's calming, and takes you on dreamy journeys, not nightmares. It feels like an urgent time to act, and yet, the vision is like that in a dream -- so often, there's fog or sand, and we move as if under water. Be curious about what's being revealed. But avoid making snap decisions, since reality is fluid, and vision limited (temporarily).

Instead, enjoy the dreamy ride, and see what can be rearranged in your personal hologram (reality). Deep healing happens, when ancient emotions are released from the cells, and this has a physical effect. The unseen is vitalized (Sun Pisces), so your inner healer can work with many dimensions of being. Most favorable time for energy work, massage, divination.

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