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February 2013 Love Horoscopes

Valentine's Starry-Canopy


February 2013 Love Horoscopes

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Editor's Note: Contributing writer Eileen Grimes has love horoscopes this month, written with the emphatic bold notes and exclamations of a fire sign Mercury! Eileen is a professional counseling astrologer, with a special (25% off) on readings in February. Visit her site -- EileenGrimes.com -- for more information and to follow her blog and events.

Venus as Love Guide

This is the month of Love - and when we look at that aspect of life, we start with the planet Venus. There are so many ways of loving and expressing it - each of our signs will understand love differently. Some will want words, others, touch, and others expression of feelings. Love, yes, is universal, but its also personal.

We are looking at this month’s scope through the eyes of Venus. What does she want? We all have Venus in us, yes, even you men do, too. We all need love, it's what gets our lives humming…

Aries: There is a fair amount of upheaval right now for you. Things just won’t rest, and neither can you! Exciting though that is, it makes for a bit of instability in your love life. That old saying “love the one you’re with” could apply to your life right now. Enjoy the feeling of sudden attractions, without really taking it all so seriously. This is a time, if you’ve got a date for VD Day, to have tons of fun, and pal around! Be open to lovely gifts from loved ones. Remember: just have fun, and don’t worry about Mr. or Ms Right showing up right now - It’ll be Mr/Ms Right, for Right Now.

Taurus Two themes happening for you, at this moment. You might be feeling some deep emotions this month - especially if there isn’t a partner for you. You are desiring a deep mating with someone. And, at the same time, you’re wanting to just be alone with your things, and yourself. Its important to meet your own needs, and if there isn’t someone there to do that, you can do this on your own! Find what you love to do, and settle back and unwind. Your ruling planet, Venus, is alway on the front burner during the Valentine’s Day season - so do a little bit of indulging and enjoy. Take yourself out for an evening, have a wonderful meal, and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

Gemini Wow, time for a little professional advancement, Gemini! You’ve got all the right stuff to get that promotion and to move ahead in your world. Are you doing some writing - better yet, are you writing down the goals you want for your life, and a nice game plan? Doesn’t have to be long, but just DO it - set some small goals, and then meet them. Feel what it feels like to accomplish those. When you do, you’’ll see that there isn’t anything that Gemini, the Brain, can't do! You’ll have lots of energy, and lots of ideas to make happen. You’re out there this month, so people will SEE you. Make sure they really see how good you are at things, and what you can get done. After all, God gave you a mind to really use!

Cancer Cancer, you’ve been sitting at home way too long! We know you love that, but sometimes a change of scene is just what the doctor ordered. You’ve been working hard the last little while, maybe the kids have just overwhelmed you. sometimes you just have to let go of all that responsibility and have some real fun. Relationships might be rather daunting right now - a little too heavy for your sensitive nature. Grab a friend, and get on a plane - don’t even plan it (well at least take some goodies on the plane that you will bake yourself) - just go! If you do, you’ll have many angels on your shoulder protecting you all the way.

Leo Oh boy, Leo - have you had enough attention this month? Your “inner kitty” is wanting some real strokes this month! Your relationships are really important right now - you just want to be loved for YOU! You truly want to hang out with your friends this month - this is truly about loving yourself. You’ll be extra focused on other people this month - take a good look at who supports you, and who doesn’t. You’ll be needing an extra boost this month from those that love you - and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need! It still means a lot when you get what you’ve asked for - don’t assume THEY know - you have to LET them know!

Virgo Work work work. Just what you love, right, Virgo? Well, this month that might work - you could easily find someone at work to date! Keep working at it! Do something, though - we know how you like to look put together and polished - change your look just a TEENY bit - just enough to get some attention. Trust me, it’ll be good attention. Maybe wear two different sox? I know, I know, you’re shuddering at that, but this is the Month of Quirky Looks - both the Sun and Venus are in the bizarre sign of Aquarius - which means you’ve been given a pass to not have it all perfectly put together. It’ll be fun, and might even be fun to break out of that old perfectionistic stuff you do. It MIGHT bring you attention from that person that wants to go out with you.

Libra Since we are in Valentine’s mode, and Venus is the ruler of both that event, AND your Sunsign - this is a lovely time for you! LOVE being the operative word here. Libra will always glow from the attention of others, but this month is a wee bit different. The need here is, to somehow find your own “inner glow.” Not being dependent on someone else to give it to you. A wonderful month of play, and indulgence in finding joy and fun with yourself. Go take a short road trip too - you’ll find yourself playing along the way. Take your iPod and jump in the car, and get on the road. Listen to some great expansive music, as you drive through the Grand Canyon. You will find just how nurturing Nature can be!

Scorpio Life feels a bit heavy right now. You’re feeling the pull towards your home base - both externally and internally. You must honor that process within yourself. You’re not the in mood to be social right now - you’re trying to ground yourself in an emotionally productive way. The planet Saturn is moving through your sign for a while, and while sobering, it is a fantastic time to attain personal and professional clarity. Now, even though you might not be social, you DO need to communicate to yourself and others. You will need to hear from others, in their own words, why you are loved by them. Make sure you ask them, if they don’t volunteer that readily. It will make a difference. And let them know what they mean to you, too.

Sagittarius OK you, its time to TALK TRUTH! You’ve got some stuff going on with those who you’re in close communication with - especially with your siblings, if you have them. Seems like you’ve been keeping your mouth shut lately, and that isn’t remotely like you, Sag! Why? Aren’t you being understood? Maybe not, but this is the time to look at what you’re saying to others, and make sure they’re getting it. If not, take a look at how clear YOU feel, talking to them? Or maybe you’re talking TOO much? Either way, this month is about communication and also, your personal imagination. You’re going to find yourself taking journeys into space, in your own head. Find someone to talk to, that really appreciates your intelligence. That will help you a lot.

Capricorn How’s your money working for you? Your thoughts will be about that, quite a bit this month. If you have your own business, are you getting paid what you’re worth? You’re a Capricorn, and you’re built for business! What’s the bottom line - if you’re not getting back what you’ve put into something - especially looking at the financial bottom line, you’re going to have to go back and reassess things. But not right away. Life might also be telling you to hang up your briefcase for a bit, and unwind, and indulge yourself. You deserve it - you’ve worked hard, and now its YOUR time. Your money will still be there in the morning.

Aquarius Wow, have you got energy! This is YOUR birthday month! No one’s going to hold you down right now! The more you go for it, the more you’re rewarded! This is a time of self-awareness, and yes, to put it bluntly - self-centeredness. Why? Because you normally will be found at the front of the line leading a cause - but this month, the cause is YOU! You might be fighting a battle of independence with people - those who don’t want you to grow, and to be yourself. If you find yourself in battle from your past that want you to be the same old person you’ve always been - tell them to think again! Time to liberate the troupes!

Pisces Your motto is usually universal love, and this will be such an important thing for you this month. You’ll be more empathic, and sensitive than usual. Those who are wounded will seek you out. Truly, the ultimate love we can give to others is about compassion and giving. You know this one inside and out - and this month will bring you lots of wounded souls for you to heal. Make sure you take care of yourself - you’ll be tempted to help everyone, but also, help yourself, too. Get enough rest, and alone time. You won’t be as social as usual, but you will be with people, in a very deep way. Love IS all around....

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