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The Disaster in the Gulf and Power

Against Cosmic Law?


The Disaster in the Gulf and Power

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It's a big weekend, with Jupiter moving into Aries by Sunday. This rouses us to action and to fight, if necessary, to save what we love. Jupiter and Uranus meet on the 8th, igniting personal will, courage, and just generally vitalizing each person. The power is kindled, to assert yourself and act on what you know to be real and true.

This is timely, with the growing toxic oil and methane gas clouds on the move -- a lethal threat to all it touches. It's a disaster, a word I was reminded this morning comes from dis (against) and aster (the stars). A dis-aster then is something so horrifying, it seems to go against divine cosmic law.

This strange slow motion event reminds me of living downtown during the horrifying moments and aftermath of Sept 11th. That entire Fall seemed surreal and strange, and this is a similar void-like feeling of being out of season, not in the rhythm of late Spring/Summer. I've lived in the FL Panhandle and been to the beloved Gulf many times. I spent my earliest years on a marsh island -- these creatures and this habitat are part of who I am. Will that be destroyed too?

This loss, which is so acutely felt by those living along the Gulf, is Plutonian in that it threatens total annihilation -- to heritage, native wildlife, landscape, means of making a living, etc. The territory beyond sad is Pluto's dark night, where nothing can ever be the same again. It is a mass death of a part of an exquisite region of the Earth, millions of years in the making. Pluto's message is bringing many to their knees.

This simple little prayer from Masuru Emoto has helped me. To whales, dolphins, pelicans, fishes, shellfishes, planktons, corals, algae and all creatures ion Gulf of Mexico:

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

And so has asking for faith to make it through.

Oil and Power

Dolores Cannon, the well-known past life regressor -- whose special interest is "Lost Knowledge," had this come out of a session. "The dark oil that is bubbling up from the ocean floor; it's the earth-mother doing its part to remind us. The oil slick represents all of the darkness and ugliness the human race still carries, buried deep within its hidden depths. The oil is bubbling up to the surface to show us our relationship to the dark relationship we have to power, through money and oil, and the earth is helping show us the darkness of that relationship."

Enter the Fighter

As if on cue, there are spontaneous meet-ups across the country, of those roused to act. This is the exact day of the Uranus-Jupiter alignment! From the site, "June 8th will mark 50 days since BP started spewing oil into the Gulf, and we'll be bringing together our friends & neighbors to show that we're fed up with our addiction to dangerous fossil fuels, and ready to switch to clean, safe energy."

Stephanie Gailing made the point in an email that the Saturn Neptune quincunx has us in a murky swamp of blaming external forces (Neptune). She suggested this is a possible tipping point, where more become responsible (Saturn) for their own choices (not buying plastic, driving less or not at all), and press for changes in food production. I agree that it's a Saturnian sobering up, with the stark reality of what we've done to our planet and ourselves.

With Neptune, the blame goes out to nebulous entities and we take stands like boycotting bp stations (which are all individually operated). I see another factor here in discerning (Saturn Virgo) who is to blame (Neptune), and then acting on that knowledge. Aries is pure Will, and in many cases today, the Will of the people has being repeatedly ignored. And this brings in the far scarier confrontation with trans-national corporations with unholy power (Pluto Capricorn), and the tangled webs they weave that net all our political leaders, from the local level on up. This is why the Uranus-Pluto square is going to be so volatile.

Know Who Has Power

There's a charging naivete about Aries that propels us past fears, and into action. But its unwise -- foolish even -- to rush in without full knowledge of competing energies, particularly the darkness just being exposed with Pluto in Capricorn. Things are not as they seem, and Pluto (hidden, dangerously secreted) in Capricorn begs for a deeper understanding of the matrices of power involved.

A lot of people say they feel helpless. This impotence comes from not knowing what to do, or what can be effective. This collective warrior spirit (Uranus-Jupiter Aries) is unstoppable, when there's a thorough investigation of the powers that be. Who is in control of the Earth's resources? Oil is natural to Mother Earth, but the chemical dispersant Corexit is not -- it is a disaster. Why can't anyone stop them from doing this? These are the questions that Pluto is daring us all to answer.

With Pluto in Capricorn, it's never been more important to follow the money to unearth institutionalized cartels and criminal networks operating in the shadows. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more the behavior of officials makes sense. And the less likely you'll waste your precious time ramming your head (Aries) against brick walls.

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