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January 2013 Forecast

Ingenuity, Break-Away Cultures


January 2013 Forecast

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Altered States

January's constellation of energies presents many moments for breaking out of restrictive norms. There are Uranian energies in abundance, to activate the urge to become free of old limitations.

However, to pull it off, we're asked here to dig deeper for the courage to face fears of bucking the system or our own inner naysayer. In doing so, we're building character for the long haul, and our era of societal transformation (the Uranus-Pluto square).

So if you're stuck or discouraged this month, be curious about your mind and its habits. Being open to new ways of seeing or doing helps you turn it around.

Major Cosmic Moments

Jan 3rd Mercury squares Uranus (Mercury Capricorn; Uranus Aries) Here the experimental clashes with the formal, methodical or institutionalized way; the self-taught genius meets the voice of authority; the youthful confront the staid, stifling status quo. High expression: Bringing a conscientious, self-controlled attitude to launching your wild idea or emerging plans. Go with the idea that animates you! Don't let downers or wannabe dictators put out your fire. Don't let fear peddlers rob your joy or diminish your hope for the future.

Jan 4th Mars trine Jupiter (Mars Aquarius; Jupiter Gemini) Develop new skills and flexibility, to adapt with the times. Be prepared to act on the fly. A side project (or two) makes the future feel bright. Collaboration is favored. Great day for socializing or collegial mind storming sessions.

Jan 5th Mercury inconjunct Jupiter (Mercury Capricorn; Jupiter Gemini) Doom or bloom? Keep your eyes on what's possible, instead of all that's heavy and hard now. Make time for the fun and light, to avoid ruminating on the mountains to climb. Don't rush to conclusions, since there's always another way to see what's happening. Hold the space for miracles -- for things to fall into place.

Jan 6th Mercury conjunct Pluto (Mercury Capricorn; Pluto Capricorn) A day for revelations and seeing with profound depth of perception. What's been hidden, perhaps for a long time, is seen with penetrating insight. What's said and understood has staying power -- the truths experienced can be part of the bedrock of a new foundation. Let what you're discovering settle in your bones -- take time to integrate it, and trust the messages.

Jan 6th Mercury Sextile Saturn ( Mercury Capricorn; Saturn is in Scorpio) A vibe is set for confident, productive steps. Great day to consider the structure of your business or creative project. You've got brain power...mental endurance, to see a project through to fruition.

Jan 7th Mars squares Saturn ( Mars Aquarius; Saturn is in Scorpio) The spirit to break away and try something new hit old psychic limitations. Taking a risk means facing fears and phobias, or defying the agenda of another person. A time to face personal taboos, especially the ones that create barriers to action, and go beyond them.

Jan 8th Venus into Capricorn Favors dedication, commitment and what endures. A love of the timeless and well-built. Patience is a (valued) virtue. Self-containment and skilled artistry sought out. Making friends with whom you have "work to do," as part of a community or with a goal in mind. Love flourishes in the midst of sustained effort and creating wealth together.

Jan 11th New Moon in Capricorn At 22 degrees Capricorn (cardinal earth) What's solid enough to be part of your new bedrock? What sustains you in every way? Intentions and vision boards set in motion now are (symbolically) set in stone -- Capricorn is longevity, constitution, manifestation. Choosing wisely is easy, with the energies of the wise old soul afoot. Don't settle -- set a high standard for yourself.

Jan 12th Venus squares Uranus (Venus Capricorn; Uranus in Aries) on January 12th. Red flag of caution in love and friendships! The restless urge to break away and be free chafes against things like obligations, family responsibilities. A time of testing -- are we working toward the same goals? Do we share the same values and perceived possibilities for the future? Love stretches to allow for more individuality -- or it reaches a breaking point.

Jan 14-15th Jupiter squares Chiron (Jupiter in Gemini; Chiron Pisces) Finding self-expression for the ineffable or mysterious. The observer's mind allows for greater awareness into what's mysterious or heretofore unspeakable. Great day for energy healing or creative journeying.

Jan 16th Venus conjunct Pluto (Venus and Pluto in Capricorn) Do or die for relationships. Demonstrating the commitment to be there through any ordeal. Settling in to a friendship, laying plans together, moving in together or a complete and sober parting of the ways.

Jan 19th Mercury into Aquarius A mercurial mood of inventiveness, fringe thinking and surprise. Here's a current of mental alertness, in fixed air, for a sustained focus. Ideas out of the blue, to February 5th.

Jan 19th Sun into Aquarius So begins a month of clearer than usual thinking, great for collaborative mind storming or rich solitude. The crystalline Aqua month brings the gift of distance, to be able to see as if from above. A month to draw down strange and super high vibing cosmic energies.

Jan 22nd Mercury trine Jupiter (Mercury Aquarius; Jupiter Gemini) A day of exuberance, and bright mind currents. Fresh winds blow through, to clear out the cobwebs. A shift in thinking causes a radical turn in what seems possible. Taking the road less traveled gets you there.

Jan 25th Mercury squares Saturn (Mercury Aquarius; Saturn in Scorpio) New optimism is tested, so be alert to what's just "fear talking." To explore new ideas, there's to be a psychic purging of beliefs that muddy the waters. Healing the soul of its wounds, has a clearing effect on mind and spirit.

Jan 26th Full Moon (in Leo, 7 degrees) A big one for celebrating what you love with your whole heart. Flash epiphanies come to illuminate your path of heart.

Jan 30th Jupiter Direct (at 6 degrees Gemini), stations direct after being retrograde since October 4, 2012. The pieces of the puzzle begin to fall in new places, much has been rearranged. As Jupiter moves forward, the mental dexterity acquired is your power tool for acting in the moment. Things can begin to happen quickly now, and in every moment, there's a choice.

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