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Jupiter in Pisces

Life as a Waking Dream


Jupiter in Pisces

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The Dates:

Jupiter is in Pisces from January 17 to June 6th, 2010. Jupiter will retrograde back into Pisces on September 9th, before going direct (at 23 degrees) on November 2nd. Jupiter will stay in Pisces until January 22, 2011.

Other Ways of Knowing

Jupiter (knowledge) in the most imaginative sign of the zodiac activates our right brain. The inner artist and mystic is inspired to seek, learn and grow. This kind of learning is done through symbols, dreams, visuals and music. We may be mystified by these understandings, and shown that there's more to life than meets the eye. Jupiter is about the edges of the future, and in Pisces, we experience life as a dream.

Jupiter (expansion) in Pisces is divine inspiration. You may experience startling visitations from the muse, which can revive any latent creative impulses. And the cultural landscape may be tinged more with the spiritual, and uplifting themes of healing, redemption and connection to spirit. There's a greater draw to mystical themes, music and movies that convey compassion, forgiveness and the unity of humanity.

Spiritual Questing

Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac, and carries within it the expression of them all. That's why Pisces seems to shift shape, and are drawn to wearing personas. There's an instinct for slipping in the skin of all aspects of humanity. With Jupiter in Pisces, you may explore all the many facets of your own nature. And by expanding your vision of who you are, you gain a fuller understanding.

This questing and exploring -- associated with Jupiter -- could involve healing from past lives, such as finding forgiveness for past victimization or being the victimizer. Pisces is a sign able to see how we play out karmic roles. The kind of growth possible, with Jupiter in Pisces, can heal not just wounds from this life, but ancestral or past life pain, as well.


Jupiter in Pisces extends its reach into all directions, with no human experience beyond redemption. It's the sign most likely to believe in the rehabilitation of criminals, and reach out to the victim, as well. Because of this instinct for grace, there's the potential to heal rejected or debased aspects of the self. It's a time when a felt connection to spirit can help you overcome any trauma, confusion, or loss.

We may see more drawn to sound and visual healing techniques, as well as energy work of all kinds. Art, music and drama therapy become more prominent. The connection between prayer, the power of the heart and global healing is sure to get more attention.

Other Possible Themes for Jupiter in Pisces:
  • Deep satisfaction and opportunities come from helping others.
  • The ocean and ocean life opens new doors of understanding.
  • Some may "check out" of this dimension, with drug overdoses or involvement in cults.
  • Self-sacrifice becomes a theme that inspires, but also can go too far.
  • More seek out a church home, or ritual circle.
  • More have a direct experience of the divine (mystical experience).
  • Boundaries between dreams and waking life can become blurred.
  • There may be more contact with ancestors, spirits, animal allies, nature sprites and so on.
  • The symbolic is favored over the intellectual.
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